gtx 950

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    GPU Not Available HELP

    Hi, Wondering if anyone can help. I have a GTX 950 in my PC and i started playing games today and was getting very low FPS. I had a look at device manager and it was in my hidden devices. A few forums I read prompted to uninstall and reinstall my Graphics Card. So I uninstalled. Now I don't...
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    Solved gigabyte r7 370 vs sapphire r7 370 vs ASUS SGTX950

    gigabyte r7 370 dual fan for 147 euros OR sapphire nitro r7 370 single fan for 147 euros OR ASUS SGTX950 dual fan for 166 euros pairing them with an x4 860k and a s12IIB 430w which is stated to be "amd game ready", but i don't know does it make a difference or not, if you wouldn't mind...