1. D

    3 beep, pause, 3 beep!

    hey all, noob question here. I’m on my 6th build but first time using intel. I have a diypc full Rgb tower with built in color control. A gtx triple windforce 2070 8gb gpu, intel i8-9th gen coffee lake with o/c at 4.6hz, gigabyte z390 Rgb monk, and a thermal take Rgb processor cooler fan. Upon...
  2. G

    SLI on 2X GTX 970 but different model

    Hello, I want to ask about how would 2 different GTX 970 cooperate with SLI. 1. Both GTX 970 are from company ASUS 2. Both are 4GBs of RAM 3. One GTX 970 is " Asus Turbo GTX 970 OC " 4. Second one is " Asus Strix GTX 970 OC " 5. My motherboard is Asus ROG Z170 6. My power supply is - Fortron...
  3. H

    Lackluster performance and fps stuttering with new GTX 1080

    Hello there, around a couple months ago, I purchased an MSI GTX 1080 ARMOR and installed it in place of my GTX 970 WINDFORCE graphics card. The performance I've been receiving in games is lackluster from what I was expecting, typically sitting at around 60-70 frames and dipping below 60 in games...
  4. B

    GeForce GTX 660 Driver Update Failure Followed by No Display

    Let me first say I am by far NOT the most tech-savvy, and I will do my best to refer to things by their appropriate name where I can, but I will likely have to use informal terminology to describe most things. My desktop computer of 5 years stopped functioning correctly about a month ago and...
  5. G

    GPU Not Available HELP

    Hi, Wondering if anyone can help. I have a GTX 950 in my PC and i started playing games today and was getting very low FPS. I had a look at device manager and it was in my hidden devices. A few forums I read prompted to uninstall and reinstall my Graphics Card. So I uninstalled. Now I don't...
  6. T

    Ausu strix 1050

    I bought a strix gtx 1050 for a upgrade but when in my computer it doesn't want to work it loads to the menu were u can open up the bios but even the bios wont open The fans spin for a second and the rpg lights white then does a breathing red when the fans stop spinning I have 500 psu I5 -...
  7. I

    gtx 1050

    Hi guys , i just want to ask something , if i buy gtx 1050 can i run gta 5 on ultra graphics? And what fps can i get
  8. N

    Vizio TV display not showing

    Hello. I have a GTX 1080 and two displays. One is a Qnix 2710 Evolution II @ 100hz, and the other is a Vizio D50u D1 with 3840x2160 @60hz. A few days ago, I was able to switch from my monitor to TV by simply turning it on. After I pressed the TV's power button, the monitor would automatically...
  9. A

    Need Help With GTX 1070

    Okay, first time on this site, so hello everyone. Today I thought I'd upgrade my rig by getting rid of my old GTX 970 and move on to better things... MSI's version the 1070. After getting home, I rushed to my PC room, practically ripped open my Corsair 750D and shoved the beauty right up inside...
  10. Maksy13

    Nvidia GTX 960 Drivers problem

    Hey, I have a problem with my GTX 960 Drivers, so I had a nice 12 hour driver problem (That's how long it took me to get it working) so I got the card yesterday and I couldn't install the drivers through the CD/Disk Program installer that comes with the graphics card because it just says...
  11. E

    GTX 970 GPU Usage Spikes

    I have had this card for just over a year now and i decided to give my computer a little cleanup. I took the graphics card out and cleaned it with pressurized air and put it back in. i then did the same with most of my parts. I turn on my pc and install some new Nvidia Drivers and restart. I...