1. Atre

    Account Hacked

    Today, my facebook account is hacked. I recovered my account but the hacker has already turned on 2 factor authentication and I cannot pass it. Attached here is the details and such of the IP of the hacker.
  2. S

    KMSAuto Net

    well recently, I needed to download microsoft office but because I don't have the money to buy it, I searched for some ways to download it for free. There's this one way where i had to download a torrent that has the microsoft office 2016 in there and a KMSAuto Net for the activation of the...
  3. J

    New Hacked - computer, phone. please advise on protection.

    Hello, So I am being personally attacked by hackers. So I went through a bad breakup and first my phone was hacked android note5, was sent 2 viruses one was a keylogger, and then 2nd was for remote access. Now I tried to plug my phone into my computer and my computer became compromised. None of...
  4. E

    Is my router being attacked?

    We recently have been having some issues with our internet speed being low and the signal going in and out and the router just dying so I was going to do a factory reset on it and try to re set it up. I decided I would just check the system log real quick and I found this all throughout it...
  5. Volstein

    Quora got hacked

    Hi ppl! Few days ago the news appeared that personal information of about 100 million of its users was stolen from Quora website. I think there are many people between us that use this service and spend a lot of time on that website. Quora announced the incident late Monday after its team...
  6. Nishadul

    external GPU to laptop

    i use DELL LATITUDE E7240 4gb ram, 128gb ssd , core i5 5th gen and im a gamer . but this set up gives me soo little FPS that i can barely handle the recoil of guns . on the back of the MOBO , i saw 2 sata slot kindda thingy (not a tech guy ) . in one , ssd was connected and the other one...
  7. P

    how can i fool or bypass my college proxy !

    my college proxy had been blocked to prevent some websites and steam ! please tell me ways to bypass it ! any sort of hacking , ( i think vpn are super slow so tried that) and is there nay method to fool the proxy by using my lan blocked proxy along with a wifi wifi connection to my mobile ?
  8. U

    I use my smartphone as my modem and need help to configure

    i use my android smartphone as my modem and i need help to configure it to make it more secure from hackers.I wanna know how to reach my modem configuration page since "" is not working for me.Need help on how i should find my default gateway and configure my modem!!!
  9. Daria121

    I saw another person when I took a video of myself

    Guys, first of all hello.I don't know where to talk about this and sorry if this is not really related to pc cause it's mostly network related.So, I was talking in Messenger from my phone(android) to a friend and I sent a video of myself. I held my finger to record and in 2 seconds Messenger or...
  10. wyfwulf

    Can a virus be physically installed when building a computer

    I am looking into having a custom PC built by someone I found on Craigslist, and they seem reputable but I am wary of malware being installed during the building process. I will be purchasing all the parts and giving them to him to build on is own and he will deliver it to me when it's finished...
  11. P

    Hacked or spoofed??

    My sister received an email that "looked" like it was from me, but I could tell that it was possibly just spoofing because the @xxxxx isn't the same as mine. The thing that makes me wonder if one of us got hacked is the fact that the email said "good afternoon (nickname)", which is not part of...
  12. K

    New Pop-ups and site opening (hacked?)

    Hi, My problem is, that there's this pop-up that keeps showing up, threatening that it will delete my files if I won't vote for a Minecraft server? It keeps poping up like 5 at once and opening alot of sites in german. Is there a solution to that? The antivirus (Avast) is not able to detect any...
  13. Minecraftboy880

    am i being hacked?

    my tablet got stolen when I recovered it it was taking pictures of black and grey ground without my permission
  14. A

    New Google detected unusual activity on BOTH my phone and laptop

    Suddenly today, both my iphone and macbook bring up a page saying "our systems have detected unusual traffic from my computer network...." when i google something on Safari, and then make me enter a captcha to continue with my search to make sure I'm "not a robot". Since its happening on both...
  15. L

    New Hackers accessing my keyboard

    Hi, My jealous ex's brother was a computer expert and since we split up I have had my keyboard hacked. I will be typing and letters will appear that I have not pressed. For example I can write the word 'lane' but 'lanne' will appear. Other keys are also being pressed when I am nowhere near...