1. Atre

    Account Hacked

    Today, my facebook account is hacked. I recovered my account but the hacker has already turned on 2 factor authentication and I cannot pass it. Attached here is the details and such of the IP of the hacker.
  2. Menemsha3

    Facebook Hacked - Cannot Recover

    Hi there. My FB acct was hacked, and used to send money. Hacker changed security to 2-party authentication. I cannot access “code generator”. None of the remedies have worked so far. Need to either recover or delete FB and Messenger asap. HELP!!
  3. W

    Can you roam while strictly on wifi?

    I have a Samsung 9, operating on Android. Seems to happen every time I install security camera app. Over 45 gigs of data generated in only 30 days, which is unprecedented for me as I only average about 3 gigs per month. Thanks.
  4. J

    When is it safe again?

    Hi. my computer got hacked. At first it was just my email and Netflix account but yesterday a home group was added to my desktop. I immediately turned off the wifi and I ran windows defender and deleted any threats that it could find. I also bought a fix-it stick. It is currently running the...
  5. C

    New Hacked or What?

    I clicked a link while on the 7cupsoftea website (I know, dumb, but I wanted to genuinely help people) that ended up being a blank imgur attachment or site. I clicked another link that they sent me that ended up being the same. Then they revealed to me they knew my location (a state) and what...
  6. H

    New Who to ask for help involving a hacker issue?

    So I've been having this hacker problem for years now i don't know who or why it's happening It's happened to my phone, computer, laptop, everything i own What will happen is it'll ether take away my internet completely or cause certain websites and programs to not work like twitch, discord...
  7. D

    google account hacked

    My boyfriend has been able to access my google account information such as texts, web searches and pictures. I have changed my password and unsynced all information. How was it able to be done and what proof can i find that he did it?
  8. J

    New Hacked - computer, phone. please advise on protection.

    Hello, So I am being personally attacked by hackers. So I went through a bad breakup and first my phone was hacked android note5, was sent 2 viruses one was a keylogger, and then 2nd was for remote access. Now I tried to plug my phone into my computer and my computer became compromised. None of...
  9. Z

    In Progress Virus hacked completely froze my laptop, please help

    Hi guys, I’m having a problem with my laptop right now and I’m wondering if anyone could help me. I’m not super knowledgeable about tech/computer stuff so I might not explain everything right but I’ll try my best and I’d appreciate some help. So almost a month ago I bought a new Lenovo Ideapad...
  10. G

    Solved please help possible hack

    Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit Processor: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU E3200 @ 2.40GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10 Processor Count: 2 RAM: 2815 Mb Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 5570, 1024 Mb Hard Drives: C: 297 GB (282 GB...
  11. E

    Is my router being attacked?

    We recently have been having some issues with our internet speed being low and the signal going in and out and the router just dying so I was going to do a factory reset on it and try to re set it up. I decided I would just check the system log real quick and I found this all throughout it...
  12. S

    New A Hidden Administrator takes video of my DAUGHTERS HELP PLZ

    I will try to make the first part of this post short in hopes that I can get some help from someone asap, I don't know where to turn anymore. I am a former Military 35 y/o single mother with 2 daughters and I just began to educate myself about computer and information technology a few months...
  13. M

    How do I block anyone from accessing my laptop

    So here's the deal, for whatever reason, my boyfriend has complete control over every electronic in our home. I'm not sure if it's because of insecurities or to block me from certain websites that he's been on. I love the guy so much but I'm tired of feeling like I'm being controlled with no way...
  14. Danwilliams1989


    . I have a BT hub 6A it’s my 4th one. So my walls are thin enough for me to know my neighbours have hacked me. I can often hear them bragging about it. I’ve called BT so many times like more than 15 and they say it’s fine their end but yet every device I have has been modified. Anyway. I have...
  15. C

    How do I verify if my phone is being monitored?

    Because I am apparently ridiculous and can't NOT write a novel .. for those who have little patience for people like me .. please feel free to skip down to the third paragraph. Believe me, I frustrate myself more than I frustrate others. I've been doing some extensive google searches and came...
  16. C

    In Progress C drive gone. Can only see x:

    Hi guys, So I'm streaming the F1 here tonight hoping Ricciardo can take pole in Singapore and my laptop starts becoming slow and unresponsive. I figure it might need a restart so I do and it's Lights Out for my laptop. It won't reboot so I do a hard reset (power button) and system restore...
  17. L

    Solved Unknown "Generic" Computer in my Network Every day

    Hi gang!! I'm hoping someone can help me to understand why all of a sudden, for the last 2 weeks, some random computer shows up in my network everyday and how to get rid of it. It's the same MAC Address, so I know it's the same computer from Texas Instruments. I don't have anything in my home...
  18. JeffinSF

    hacked iMac

    iMac - Sierra 10.12.5 - late 2014 - bought 10/1015 - 27" retina 5K display Had not used Apple TV for several months until last night. Found new: * my TV had message "not connected to internet" - my computer was connected * could not get past this - I was locked out * my computer asked...
  19. chaosloader

    Gmail Hacked any solution

    So, one of my friend's gmail account was hacked. Dont know how that hacker did it but that good for nothing chickenwuss has now added the security layer like phone verification as well. What can i do to recover that account. Is there some gmail support number so that I can talk to. I have few...
  20. Y

    New Under attack, possible hacker, need help pls.

    Hay guys, so I've had a pretty trying time with this and I fear I've atracked a hacker. So let be just start from this morning, Id notice I was having a few odd things happen on my laptop, so being a guy that went to ITT tech till they closed and left me with useless credits, I started to dig...