hacked! need help

  1. J

    I think that I may have been hacked while using telehack

    I think that my computer (Windows 10 os), as well as the connected devices on my network, and my i.p address may have been hacked after I enabled telnet on my computer to connect to telehack.com on Windows command prompt. This screen shot that I attached should explain the situation. it should...
  2. B

    New This situation is the equivalent of a Lifetime Movie Special

    I believe that an ex boyfriend of mine has root patched and geofenced my life. This has been an ongoing suspicion of mine for going on 8 months. Without getting into the drama of the situation, this individual is unstable and I am a single mother of a 3 year old boy. I teach self-contained...
  3. H

    New Who to ask for help involving a hacker issue?

    So I've been having this hacker problem for years now i don't know who or why it's happening It's happened to my phone, computer, laptop, everything i own What will happen is it'll ether take away my internet completely or cause certain websites and programs to not work like twitch, discord...
  4. S

    I need some help! Phone is hacked

    Hi. I know my phone has been hacked by my ex. He has traced it also. He also somehow can hear me and see me. I don't know how he did it or when but I know he has hacked it. (Android LG phone) his is android also thru Verizon. I'm afraid I'm dealing with a guy that's possibly sociopath or...
  5. AlwaysBrian

    Unknown YouTube Connection Shows Different Subnet

    Thanks for reading. I had an issue with a stalker during the early part of this year and all of 2017. On one of many checks I would do of incoming and outgoing connections to our home wifi network I found this: A good 15 connections. Of YouTube on various ports, on a different subnet. Our...
  6. Soaper79

    In Progress LinkedIn,Facebook,Microsoft,Email Hacked + asuss06 problem+

    I received emails from LinkedIn, Facebook. Microsoft to update either just my password or password and user id both, just click the link. Went to LinkedIn and verified my information and asked them about what had happened, they emailed me and said there was suspicious activity concerning my...
  7. J

    win 10 was remotely hacked

    My Windows 10 was recently hacked buy a user called system he had all administrative rights on my computer can't do nothing nothing could touch it.What I did was format the hard drive and now I am in disk partition trying to recover the files to rebuild windows. I noticed that one of the...
  8. Wiltscarpcrew

    iOS 7.12,hacked! Need help, also need help setting up a tor relay

    iOS 7.12,hacked! Need help