1. E

    New Someone messing with my pc!

    Someone is definitely mess up my pc.. When i search for something in google, there is always 4 or more new result in the top page. For example, usually when people type blender and search it on google, the top most result will be the 3d editing program blender. But for me, there is 4 new result...
  2. L

    Solved Strange Network Infrastructure on my laptop..Spyware???

    I'm hoping someone can help me to understand this. About a month ago, my laptop (Windows 8.1) got the Koobface virus. It locked me out of my computer so I took it to my husband's computer man. He was able to hack into my computer, save all of my files, etc. and did a system reset. He told me...
  3. Minecraftboy880

    am i being hacked?

    my tablet got stolen when I recovered it it was taking pictures of black and grey ground without my permission
  4. C

    In Progress Virus Or Hacker Please Help

    I have a big problem im running windows 8.1, and for a few weeks things have been wild from icons disappearing to my C Drive being stored in the wrong folder, my recovery drive D is almost full now with a folder inside marked android I have factory refreshed twice, I can delete programs and such...