1. T

    Audio: speaker, microphone and stereo

    I have recently encountered issues with my speaker system. There is activity/interference in my speaker system despite me turning off all sound. The activity stops when I disable the speakers, the microphone and the stereo. I wasn't able to upload a video of the activity, so I took screenshots...
  2. Craighack

    I hackd Prison JP5 TABLET Lost credentials when I reset it

    After I figured out how to add apps and files to the jp5 prison issued tablet, I decided to factory reset it from scratch and it won't allow access to download any apps for some reason, just says JPay platform is not working.
  3. J

    I think that I may have been hacked while using telehack

    I think that my computer (Windows 10 os), as well as the connected devices on my network, and my i.p address may have been hacked after I enabled telnet on my computer to connect to telehack.com on Windows command prompt. This screen shot that I attached should explain the situation. it should...
  4. M

    Can you replace a 15" laptop display with a 17" display

    This question may sound weird proof being i haven't found any info about this online. I've become obsessed with the bezel less laptops like the DELL XPS but also, i love my own laptop a lenovo y700 not the greatest laptop a bit outdated too, so my question is can i replace my 15 inch screen with...
  5. M

    Hacking to personal computer by hacking person's website

    Hello folks, I have a question. So, I created a website. Alright, now I used the FileZilla to transfer my files to the website. Alright. Now my question is, in case If my website gets attacked, what are chances for hackers to gain the access to my own personal laptop through attacking my...
  6. T

    Tips For Out-Maneuvering the Shifty - DIY Security System

    Hoping this is the right place, and I’m going to try to condense this... Basically, we had some wifi cams that kept going out (not recording) for long stretches of time. I’d see someone fumbling with something small in their hand and then no more recording (couldn’t find it on the SD card backup...
  7. S

    Is there a way to determine who hacked a website?

    I have a client that was recently sent an expensive proposal by a developer to ensure their site was secure as the developer assured the client that their site was not secure and could be hacked at any time. Side note: I've run a google test and it is secure. Shortly after my client...
  8. N

    Air-gapped PC (No Connection With Internet For Security)

    I am interested in your opinions on and experiences with air-gapped PCs. One could protect a PC from malware and hacking, by isolating it completely from other PCs and the internet. This is called an air-gapped PC. One could use that PC for example for writing, and for storing texts that one...
  9. J

    Found out email address of a hacker. What can I do now?

    Hello. My other half's Facebook account has been hacked twice in the last 24 hours. We have been able to regain control both times, and now I've managed to find out what the email address of the hacker is. My question is: is there any way for me to report the person harassing us using the email...
  10. simian

    Linux Trojan Using Hacked IoT Devices to Send Spam Emails

    One News Source http://thehackernews.com/2017/09/linux-malware-iot-hacking.html
  11. simian

    Flaw in Modern Cars Allows Hackers Disable Safety Features

    Not new news, August 17/2017 One News source http://thehackernews.com/2017/08/car-safety-hacking.html Start taking your bikes out now.
  12. S

    Help with my iPhone tracked via third party application

    Hello all, I am in a difficult situation at the moment. Someone who I knew a few years ago is tracking my location by "pinging' my iPhone 7. I recently went into an Apple store and they advised me to switch off my location services which worked for a while. The hacker then went on to find my...
  13. C

    7,000 Malicious connection blocked within the last 7 days

    My McAfee says I've had about 7,000 malicious connections block within the last 7 days. No viruses detection but I have tons of reports saying IP addresses are trying to access a bunch of different ports should I be concerned or should I not worry because McAfee is handing it or is it possible...
  14. B

    Wordpress Site Keeps Getting Hacked With Phishing Files

    How do I stop this from happening. I've had this several times now. My site will get hacked where a zip file gets uploaded, then extracted into various new directories. The folders contain coding which probably creates a fake signin page looking like its hosted on my host's server. Phishing...
  15. U

    Facebook Hacking -- phony account established

    I have a five year old HP computer and I am running Windows 10 on it. I suspect that my Facebook account was hacked and someone has my list of friends and maybe more???? Today I was informed by several Facebook friends that they had received a friend request from me. I made no such request...
  16. A

    New Google detected unusual activity on BOTH my phone and laptop

    Suddenly today, both my iphone and macbook bring up a page saying "our systems have detected unusual traffic from my computer network...." when i google something on Safari, and then make me enter a captcha to continue with my search to make sure I'm "not a robot". Since its happening on both...
  17. R

    After hanging up on several calls one finally got to me

    I've hung up on or messed around with several of these fake calls lately from people saying they were with MS or Dell. When I grill them they stumble around or hang up on me. But today I got another Microsoft call and he identified my tablet (Dell) and the service # on the back. It took awhile...
  18. L

    New Hackers accessing my keyboard

    Hi, My jealous ex's brother was a computer expert and since we split up I have had my keyboard hacked. I will be typing and letters will appear that I have not pressed. For example I can write the word 'lane' but 'lanne' will appear. Other keys are also being pressed when I am nowhere near...