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    How do I rip DVDs with Handbrake without it losing quality?

    Hello. I'm ripping DVDs so that I can post snippets of scenes to put on Youtube videos within fair dealing laws. I'm trying to rip DVDs with Handbrake and it does create a file with playable videos, and there are no problems with the sound. However the picture quality comes out noticeably...
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    HELP! Premiere Pro mov. file help! URGENT!

    Hello everyone, I recently created a 15-minute long video on quicktime (I recorded this on iPhone connected to quicktime player in Mac). The file is perfectly fine, BUT IT IS SCREWED UP WHEN IMPORTED TO PREMIERE PRO!!! I've looked everywhere for solutions, but there isn't one that fits my...
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    Help Using Handbrake

    Hey guys, I have to rip a DVD for my class assignment and splice two clips together, so my professor told use to use Handbrake to do it. However, when I click "open source", my dvd file isn't there. I downloaded a file called libdvdcss-2.dll to see if that would work and I keep trying to open it...
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    Overclocked speed isnt displayed right in task manager!

    Hi Everyone I have a bit of a hardware question and it is this, I am using an amd fx 8320 overclocked (according to overdrive) to 4.2ghz. I am currently using handbrake (which is a highly cpu intensive program it uses all the cpu power to compress videos asap) but I am looking at my cpu z...