hard disc drives

  1. NirmalRaj

    HDD Upgrade nets blank screen on HP 245 G5 Notebook

    Hello I recently upgraded my older 256 gb hdto a 2 tb hdd which doesn't seem to start on my pc Problems turned worse when I put in the old drive yet it didn't start. I'm currently a single dad and have office hours of 8 to 7 so I can't reach the HP support. Please suggest me the remedies at...
  2. faantastik

    Solved Brief freeze, clicking sound

    Hi all, I'm experiencing a strange issue with my computer. Regardless of the application I'm using, its location, or the stress on my system, I'm encountering very infrequent (think once every 2-3hrs) instances of this problem. My display freezes and doesn't accept any input for roughly 5...
  3. L

    Booting on hard disk

    Hello there I have an internal hard disk which is being used as external drive. I want to install windows 7 on it and want to use it as storage device for the windows 7 as well. Can I do it? please guide me through it Please help me I need it very urgently.
  4. M

    MY Windows is again and again crashing

    Hi, I have a desktop Pc: Config: i5 6400 Ram: HyperX 16Gb DDR4 2133mhz GPU: Quadro K620 Hard drive: WD 1TB barracuda OS: Windows 10 Professional Problem: I have tried many many times different windows to install. but after 4-5 days I don't know why it's crashing or corrupting. I even cleaned...
  5. S

    Secondary hard disk unseen by PC

    Hello everyone, I am having problem with my PC. It has two physical HDD: one (C: ) for system and documents; second (E: ) - for movies, photos. Few weeks ago, E: started to behave strangely. Initially PC saw that disk, but when clicked - "no such disk", some time later I saw message that "Disk...
  6. N

    Switching HDD

    Hello I drop my laptop yesterday and half of the LCD is broken (it shows only gray colour when the laptop is on) and the other half is still working but with flickering. I am buying a new laptop and I want to know if I can take out the hard driver from my old laptop and plug it to the new one...
  7. Brendan69

    Hard drive troubles

    Hi everyone. My hard drive on my Asus laptop seems to be giving hassles. It’s not showing up in my BIOS. On startup it goes straight to bios and when I switch off the laptop my hard drive beeps once. I did notice a few times that the machine would freeze and then switch to a blue screen. Can...
  8. T

    Extracting Hard Drive Data

    Hello all, This is my first post, so my apologies if there is already a thread which covers this topic or I haven't included enough information. I have an HP Pavilion p6792uk Desktop PC bought in 2011 where the heat sink mounting recently broke so the PC no longer starts up. I’ve got a new...
  9. C

    What MacBook hard drive do I require?

    Hi My MacBook Pro (13-inch, mid 2012) model has recently stopped working. It was showing a folder with a question mark as it couldn’t locate the hard drive. I’ve tried everything and is hasn’t worked, so I took it the Apple store an they said the hard dive needs replacing but will cost £200. I’d...
  10. D

    Hard Drive making rumbling, grinding noise.

    My computer has been making this noise for a while, and I've never really thought much of it, but it's starting to get on my nerves a bit and now I'm worried theres actually something wrong with it. It seems to be coming from my hard drive. I don't know much about hardware so I don't really want...
  11. T

    Missing Second Hard Drive (F:), not in Disk Management

    After updating the drivers using IObit Driver Booster Pro in my Windows 10 laptop, my second hard drive (F) went missing. It doesn't show in My Computer so I tried looking it up in Disk Management and it's not appearing there either. Also my hard drive size is 500 GB and it only shows 296 GB...
  12. H

    System files transfer

    So recently I purchased a lenovo legion y520 laptop. And all of the files are in the SSD. Is there a way I can put the system files in HDD and my games etc on SSD? Reason being my SSD doesnt have much space.
  13. T

    Solved External Hard drive corruption.

    I'm not too sure what to do as when clicking on this drive gives me these error messages i don't know if its corrupted after a formatting or what, any suggestions no important files are on there so anyway to get it back I don't mind trying thank you in advanced. Edit: also says -185mb when it...
  14. Y

    PC freezing and slow start up

    I have a two year old Asus UX510U notebook pc, windows operating system and currently it takes a long time to start, about 15-20 to properly turn on, another 20 for all of my icons to appear on my desktop and it’s super slow trying to just operate in general just freezing when I try to go to my...
  15. W

    Pc won’t boot to windows.

    my boyfriend got a new pc. I took the hard drives from his old PC and deleted everything in them and put them into my computer and his power supply because mine had been been damaged during a move. Everything works great for 4 months and suddenly my PC is having some motherboard problems. That’s...
  16. M

    Need help with an old hard drive

    I have an old hard drive from a laptop that stopped turning on for a reason I still cant figure out. However I plugged the hard drive into my working tower and it shows but it wont allow me to see any of the information like pictures to pull off of it. It just says I need admin permission and I...
  17. T

    Connecting from IEEE 1394 to a hard drive

    I have decided to make a linux server (Debian to be specific) and I am wondering if there is any way to connect a hard drive to the computer. The computer has usb 1 ports which I would like to avoid using and also a IEEE 1394 port at the front. I was wondering is there is a way to connect an...
  18. B

    clone hard drive thru usb port

    I have a 250 gig HD in my laptop and want to clone it to a new SATA 500 gig drive using a SATA/USB converter plug. Most of the software I have seen requires the target drive and source drive to be on the same SATA buss; isn't there a way to do it thru the USB port? I prefer to use shareware...
  19. static1994

    Trouble formatting an MS DOS 486 DX 33Mhz

    Hello all, Something my friends champion me for is my ability to find errors that nobody ever knew existed, simply by touching a computer. That being said, I've also devoted a lot of time into learning various ins and outs and know enough to be able to put together a machine, diagnose, and...
  20. H

    Solved Need help!

    i installed a used hdd into my dell inspiron 15 7668 but am not sure how to get it work in unison with the m2 ssd