hard disk drives

  1. P

    Windows 10 | HDD seems to be corrupt after chkdsk

    I'm running an MSI Windows 10 laptop with 128GB SAMSUNG MZVLW128HEGR-00000 (SSD) and 1TB Hitachi HGST HTS541010B7E610 (HDD). I have my windows on the NVME SSD and it seems to be working fine. It is only the HDD which is causing issues. My HDD has been behaving weirdly for a couple of days...
  2. T

    Failed SATA disk

    Hello, I've recently picked up a second-hand Dell Inspiron 2350 PC. When using Intel Rapid Storage Technology it shows that the 1TB SATA disk has failed. Photos attached. I’m presuming that if it’s failed then it’s not recoverable and all the data on the drive is lost (which isn’t a problem)...
  3. J

    Hard Drive Combination

    As you can see in my Sysinfo my hard drive is almost full, i have another 1TB hard drive and i would like to combine them. seems simple enough but my only problem is it already contains data. so im here in search of help either finding a way of combining them with no data loss. i have one option...
  4. H

    System files transfer

    So recently I purchased a lenovo legion y520 laptop. And all of the files are in the SSD. Is there a way I can put the system files in HDD and my games etc on SSD? Reason being my SSD doesnt have much space.
  5. I

    Can't install plug-in softwares on external hard drive??!!

    Hi. I own a 2017 MacBook Air running on Mac OS High Sierra V 10.13.14. I primarily used my laptop for school and such but now I'm looking into using it mainly for music production, which as you may or may not know can require a lot of storage when looking to download third party plug ins and...
  6. StevenMal

    Transferring Data from Old HDD to New HDD

    I have the laptop in this video, a Sager NP-9377, from a few years ago. I'd like to perform this upgrade for the HDD myself using this video so I don't have to pay for a service but I've never done this before. How would I transfer the data from my old, smaller HDDs to the new, larger...
  7. Zehnsik

    Need Advice With Cloning(Backup). Possible HD Trouble.

    Pretext: (You don't have to read this, but it's just some background if you want to know where I'm coming from. I also apologize if I come off as blunt or "non-formal", but I imagine that if I write my issue almost like a story, it's a lot more fun to read, and for me to type. (I also apologize...
  8. S

    The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer

    Hi All, unfortunately my external Hard disk WD passport , is not readable and when connected to my computer shows the following message " The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer. " Please help as it contains sensitive data.
  9. A

    Second Hard Disk not showing up.

    last night I bought a new computer, it came wit its own hard drive, with windows7 already intalled on it. At home I inserted my own hard disk in it (which had windows10 on it). Everything was working fine, I was seeing all the partitions from both disks, so I formated the partition which had...
  10. D

    External Hard Drive Not Showing On Desktop PC :(

    Hi, I have 3 external hard drives from old laptops. I purchased a refurbished Dell Desktop PC 18 months ago. I've never had to use my old drives with it, until now... and they don't seem to show up anywhere and I can't access the data. Can anyone help please? Thankyou