hard disk not detected

  1. S

    Secondary hard disk unseen by PC

    Hello everyone, I am having problem with my PC. It has two physical HDD: one (C: ) for system and documents; second (E: ) - for movies, photos. Few weeks ago, E: started to behave strangely. Initially PC saw that disk, but when clicked - "no such disk", some time later I saw message that "Disk...
  2. Q

    My Dell Inspiron 7570 won't boot at all

    My Dell Inspiron 7570 started lagging heavily yesterday, so I decided to restart. When it starts the rebooting part of the process, Dell's Support Assist kicks in and performs it's analysis It gives me OS_BOOT_FAILURE as the result researched a bit about this, and decided to restore the OS to...
  3. D

    Seagate External Expansion Portable not working

    So I have this Portable External Drive 1TB the problem is that I can't access the disk (It doesn't show up in my computer) In it's properties it says this device is working properly, in device management it's shown as Disk 1, unknown, not initialized. I tried initializing the disk in MBR it...
  4. T

    Missing Second Hard Drive (F:), not in Disk Management

    After updating the drivers using IObit Driver Booster Pro in my Windows 10 laptop, my second hard drive (F) went missing. It doesn't show in My Computer so I tried looking it up in Disk Management and it's not appearing there either. Also my hard drive size is 500 GB and it only shows 296 GB...
  5. K

    Hard drive not detected

    When I was using my computer today, I realised that I could not see my hard drive in the file viewer. I clicked on a quick file link which couldn't open. I looked in the disk management section and saw that it had a black bar above it and was marked as 738 MB unallocated space (Out of the...
  6. Grrimm

    HDD not picking up in Windows

    Hi, I'm busy trying to repair someones hdd, it appears that the OS was corrupt so I hooked it up as an external to my laptop. Its not picking up in my windows, it does however show in disk management but am unable to initialize disk, it gives a data error (cyclic redundancy check)
  7. S

    The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer

    Hi All, unfortunately my external Hard disk WD passport , is not readable and when connected to my computer shows the following message " The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer. " Please help as it contains sensitive data.