hard disk

  1. Q

    My Dell Inspiron 7570 won't boot at all

    My Dell Inspiron 7570 started lagging heavily yesterday, so I decided to restart. When it starts the rebooting part of the process, Dell's Support Assist kicks in and performs it's analysis It gives me OS_BOOT_FAILURE as the result researched a bit about this, and decided to restore the OS to...
  2. M

    External Drive switch from mac to windows fail ....

    Recently switched to a windows computer and couldnt understand why my external harddrive wasn't showing up when I plugged it in. After some ill advised googling, I mistakingly created a new partition on it before figuring out it was simply a format difference after switching from my old Mac. Now...
  3. J

    Hard Drive Combination

    As you can see in my Sysinfo my hard drive is almost full, i have another 1TB hard drive and i would like to combine them. seems simple enough but my only problem is it already contains data. so im here in search of help either finding a way of combining them with no data loss. i have one option...
  4. T

    Access Internal Storage without the laptop working

    Okay i know from the start every Computer and Laptop is probably unique but my laptop wont boot up anymore but i still have a pc in my house is there any way that i can access the Internal Storage from my Laptop to retrieve some files without paying my local tech guy like 200 bucks...
  5. D

    Seagate External Expansion Portable not working

    So I have this Portable External Drive 1TB the problem is that I can't access the disk (It doesn't show up in my computer) In it's properties it says this device is working properly, in device management it's shown as Disk 1, unknown, not initialized. I tried initializing the disk in MBR it...
  6. J

    Bootloop after Re-format

    So just a week ago, I re-formatted my laptop which is an Acer Aspire 5, to a computer technician because of bootloop and when i remove the charger, my laptop would shut diwn but my battery is fine. He said its probly virus. Paid 10 dollars for repair and it was working fine until today I played...
  7. zzz.shawn

    What is happening to my PC?

    Backstory: My gaming laptop runs normally on first startup/when I restart, as it should. However, if I let it sleep and use it after waking it up, something like this happens when I run programs. You know how your laptop runs faster while plugged in? Well, the strange thing is, my PC will run...
  8. T

    (large) files suddenly 0 bytes on my data

    Hi all, A whole series of files of mine are suddenly shown as 0 bytes. They all seem to be in the same folder + subfolders, and be quite large, around the 1GB mark, or larger. Any idea how I can recuperate them, or what this is? I've ran chkdsk /f /r, but without any luck. I've checked...
  9. G

    HDD Not Deteced in Boot Menu

    When i am trying to format my pc with new hdd and win10 pirated dvd in drive but in boot menu nothing shows up but in peripheral everything is ok.. please help
  10. W

    Pc won’t boot to windows.

    my boyfriend got a new pc. I took the hard drives from his old PC and deleted everything in them and put them into my computer and his power supply because mine had been been damaged during a move. Everything works great for 4 months and suddenly my PC is having some motherboard problems. That’s...
  11. L

    My external Hard drive no longer powers on

    I bought an Iomega Prestige 500 GB USB 2.0 Desktop External Hard Drive 34270 back in December 28, 2009. Worked fine all the way to this year. Last couple of weeks -- started to no longer be recognized by my Windows. Now the thing doesn't even power on. When I turn on the power switch -- No...
  12. I

    Solved Power was Cut while emptying Recycle Bin

    I was clearing my recycle bin when there was a power cut in the area. After getting power back I found that the files had gone but the disk space has not come back. How do I get my disk space back?
  13. J

    Windows 7 Not Booting After Reinstallation

    Hey, I run a tech support service but I have unfortunately hit a dilemma. One of my clients is experiencing a quite unique issue. He has three hard drives: A 500 GB SSD, a 4 TB HDD and a 1 TB Hitachi HDD. The SSD has Windows 7 installed. He recently reinstalled Windows 7 (onto the SSD) and...
  14. mohittomar13

    Solved Imaging a faulty HDD to backup image to new replacement HDD

    My hdd is faulty and can fail anytime, it is also confirmed by the Dell Support Executive. Dell's SupporAssist application was also giving me notifications about my failing HDD from quite sometime now. They had dispatched a new HDD for replacing the faulty one so we are good. But the problem is...
  15. T

    Solved How reliable are recertified and toshiba hard disks

    Processor: Intel Core i3-4130 CPU @ 3.40 GHz Motherboard: Asus H81M-E Memory: Transcend 2GB DIMM DDR3 1333 MHz (Channel B) Undefined 2GB DIMM DDR3 1600 MHz (Channel A) OS: Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 64 bit Dear friends, In my place recertified and refurbished western digital and seagate hard disks...
  16. Grrimm

    HDD not picking up in Windows

    Hi, I'm busy trying to repair someones hdd, it appears that the OS was corrupt so I hooked it up as an external to my laptop. Its not picking up in my windows, it does however show in disk management but am unable to initialize disk, it gives a data error (cyclic redundancy check)
  17. N

    Windows 8 installation

    I was using windows 10. I recently was using my pc and it seemed to be slow so i restarted it and then it came up with messages saying repairing computer and just kept repairing for hours and hours and the percentage would not go past 46%. It was repairing the hard disk (C:) so i decided to put...
  18. Farqaleet

    Mbr to gtp hard drive

    How can i convert my hard drive mbr to gtp without losing data? I got this error while installing Windows10
  19. mohittomar13

    How to extent my '/' root partition

    I've been trying to increase the size of my root partition but not able to understand the actual process. So decided to ask the question here; included is a screen-shot from my system. I want to add unallocated 26 GB space to my existing /dev/sda5 Device /dev/sda6 is my home directory and...
  20. M

    Solved Trying to install win 10 on external drive

    The internal hard disk on my desktop broke, and i don't know how to replace it, or how to buy one that fits, so i asked in the store if it was possible to run the operating system on an external drive, and the guy said yes, so i bought a 1tb external hdd usb hard disk. I've been trying with the...