hard drive fail

  1. L

    Broken HDD and no recovery USB/CD

    So recently my computer started crashing and I didn’t know why. Eventually it booted up and said it couldn’t read my hard drive. I just bought a new hard drive but realized that I don’t have a recovery USB for my computer. I don’t need the files from the old one because I can redownload all of...
  2. R

    Solved Do I have a hard drive failure?

    I own an HP pavilion HPE which I bought around 6 years ago. I've had issues in the past where I would turn on the power and hear everything booting up and then it would turn off by itself. In a matter of seconds it would turn back on, making all of the familiar boot up sounds (fans, hard drive...
  3. C

    New HDD to replace broken one. Bootable USB not working

    Hi, firstly thank you to anyone reading who can help. I recently replaced an old broken hard drive. After trying to install it, I attempted to boot my pc from my USB which I had used as a bootable media device while trying to fix and reinstall Windows on my last hard drive. However, now even if...
  4. C

    Solved Crashed Hard drive

    I have a Toshiba Satellite A665 laptop bought in 2011. It was running Windows 7. After being jarred it would not boot past the screen that says Toshiba. I tried to reboot from recovery disks I made when I first purchased it. After that failed to produce anything, I brought it to a local...
  5. mohittomar13

    Solved Imaging a faulty HDD to backup image to new replacement HDD

    My hdd is faulty and can fail anytime, it is also confirmed by the Dell Support Executive. Dell's SupporAssist application was also giving me notifications about my failing HDD from quite sometime now. They had dispatched a new HDD for replacing the faulty one so we are good. But the problem is...
  6. J

    New Hard drive Not Showing In Bios

    Hi My name is jeremiah. I recently bought a western digital Caviar Blue hard drive for my pc. Its 320gb. My original hard drive is dead. So thats why i got a new one with nothing on it. I try to install windows and everything follow videos on how to clean install and format but My new hard drive...
  7. ShinobiOwnage

    Hard drives disappear & reappear sometimes

    I have 5 Hard drives, but these 2 keep disappearing ( :J & :K ) sometimes when I boot up my computer they're there but sometimes they're not. I tried installing programs into them to see will it work and it doesn't, I checked device manager while they're gone and they're not there. Help? I...
  8. H

    CPU Overload, Antimalware Service Exe

    Hello guys, I bought a pc in Best buy a few years ago (Think it was in the end of 2013). Basically it seems after windows 10 my Cpu and Hard drive have gone south. I've tried the Regedit solution and it seems not to have fixed it properly, as it's still going over 50% when its running. I've...
  9. G

    Moving computer while it's on

    I have heard that if you move your computer while it's running it can damage the hard drive. I have only moved it a small bit while it's on but I am wondering if that's enough to damage the drive
  10. Bmullinsxxx

    Hard drive fail?

    So , I have an asus x552L with Windows 8.1 It's been giving me fits lately running my web browser such as Firefox and chrome saying not responding and taking a few minutes to catch up. I've done all kinds of maintenance on it using Advanced system care pro. yesterday while playing WoW, the game...
  11. G

    Need Help! Hard Drive Failure!

    Today I was downloading some games from steam and my pc went to my bios and then my hard drive wasn't being detected. I checked if all the cables were plugged in and intact and everything seemed fine. There is no physical damage to my hard drive or the cables. I don't know what happened or how...
  12. B

    Dell XPS 410 hard drive fail

    So I have this Dell XPS 410 from 2007 running Windows Vista. I finally got it to detect the hard drive and do diagnostics (its hard because I had to run diagnostics 100 times for it to get the hard drive) and it said Fail - Return Code 3. What does return code 3 mean? (I know what an error code...