hard drive formatting

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    Formatting hard drive and installing winnnndows

    hey i have a secondary hard drive that i sold to my friend. i formatted it to remove all content and now how do i install windows 10 onto it, i have another hard drive runnning windows 10
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    New Hard drive Not Showing In Bios

    Hi My name is jeremiah. I recently bought a western digital Caviar Blue hard drive for my pc. Its 320gb. My original hard drive is dead. So thats why i got a new one with nothing on it. I try to install windows and everything follow videos on how to clean install and format but My new hard drive...
  3. R

    Reformatting a Bitlocker drive NO PASSWORD.

    I recently bought an HP laptop at an estate sale. The previous owner is deceased. There is a windows password and the previous owners son also said it had Bitlocker installed. I am not interested in saving any of the data that is on there but rather I simply want to wipe or format the hard drive...
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    Un-Partition a Hard Drive

    Hello, Not sure if this should be posted on the software or the hardware area. Recently built a new PC but have encountered a problem that I can not figure out regarding the partitions on the hard drive. It is a used hard drive that I got from my friend, but for some reason it has two...
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    Formatting External Hard Drive

    I have done extensive research on how to fix this issue but i am at a loss here... The situation: My buddy used my hard drive for his new laptop and it erased everything on it and reformatted it so that my laptop and no one else's could read my hard drive... Well i have finally given it...