hard drive not detected

  1. J

    XPS 13 9360 (2016) No Hard drive installed after reboot

    Hey guys just wondering if anyone has come across this issue. So basically when I boot my Laptop after shutting it down (ie cold boot) it does so normally. However, when I restart the laptop (ie warm boot) there's a screen that says Hard drive not installed and prompts me to shut down the...
  2. J

    Hard drive not installed

    My Dell Inspiron 15-3567 had a drive power state failure. I was able to restart my PC and use it again for a minuet before it shut off again. I believe the problem was my power saver having been on, but once I turned it back on to attempt to do so, I got a Dell support assist screen that said...
  3. L

    Hard drives not recognizing after restart

    A friend of mine was installing a new hard drive to the pc but the new hard drive was not recognized by the pc. It wasn't able to be picked up by the cmd tool or disk manager. After restarting the pc, the new hard drive and all the older hard drives wasn't able to be recognized by the pc. What...
  4. J

    New Hard drive Not Showing In Bios

    Hi My name is jeremiah. I recently bought a western digital Caviar Blue hard drive for my pc. Its 320gb. My original hard drive is dead. So thats why i got a new one with nothing on it. I try to install windows and everything follow videos on how to clean install and format but My new hard drive...
  5. I

    Hard disk inaccessible

    Hello all! Figure I'd give it a shot here before I give up all hope. A few days ago my 2TB internal hard drive stopped being 'accessible' from within Windows (10). It would get listed in Explorer, however trying to browse the drive or right clicking on it would hang/freeze explorer. It's...