hard drive recovery

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    How to recover files after accidentaly formated external HDD

    I had about 300 movies on my external 500 gb external Hard Drive. Thats when i stupidly formatted the drive, I have not written anything over the drive but i still cant get files because its been formatted. I been trying gparted but im having a tough time. I also used a program online and could...
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    WD hard drive recovery options

    Hey guys. I'm trying to help my buddy out of a bit of a jam. His hard drive has crashed and he has several years of pictures that are now lost. Tons of family pics of his kids and stuff. I've already given him the talk about backing things up but for now recovery is what we are hoping for. The...
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    Hard Drive Error

    hey everyone, I was trying to install Linux Ubuntu from a bootable USB stick to my Laptop & I was prompted to create partitions for /home , /var , etc.. & select another few settings which i did. Unfortunately, my PC just froze during installation & wouldn't respond so i left it for some 2...
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    Retrieving Files From Old Hard Drive

    My old laptop died with some important files on it that weren't on my OneDrive. I removed the hard drive, bought an adapter and hooked the old hard drive up to my new laptop via the usb port. But I'm not seeing any of my files on in the drive, instead I see these weird files. eula.1028...
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    Encrypted partition on damaged HDD

    My laptop HDD stopped appearing. Definitely physical damage. I had a partition that was encrypted and I haven't accessed it in long enough that I don't recall the password. I would have to try many things. I couldn't get a straight answer from the specialist I talked to on this: if the sectors...
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    Mac Pro sierra install fail time machine psswrd wont unlock

    MBP 2013 500gb 8gbramm. Few months ago had kernel panic error stalling startup, it sat for a while until I attempted and was able to reinstall os few weeks ago. Then few days ago had issues with accessing mail and deleting/couldn't trash anything, 'error - 69845'. Thought update to sierra...