hard drive

  1. G

    External Hard Drive issue maybe

    I had an old laptop, was very slow many problems with it. When trying to move files onto a external hard drive, the laptop would freeze and not work until I pull the cable out from the external drive. I'd love to check the external drive but I'm scared to plug it into my good computer. Any advice?
  2. adamgoodwin98

    Adobe Premiere Pro user - PC for faster export?

    Hi there, I have just started making YouTube videos and using Premiere Pro to edit them. I currently have a Microsoft Surface Book Pro 2, which has taken around 9 hours to export a file size of around 7250MB. I wondered whether it would be worth getting a cheap desktop PC (under £200) to edit...
  3. N

    My Hardrive

    Hello. I am hoping you can help me. I recently upgraded my HD to a SSD. I cloned the HD to the SSD and then replaced the drive in my system. Everything seemed to work fined for about 2 days but for some reason I can no longer access my 10TB backup drive. After I complete the update to the SSD...
  4. StevenMal

    Solved Are laptop HDDs available in capacities larger than 2TB?

    I want to replace my laptop's 1TB HDD with something much larger but a friend of mine told me that laptop hard drives aren't available in capacities larger than 2TB. My laptop has only one HDD slot so I want to get a very larger HDD. Am I limited to 2TB? Thank you.
  5. laserman781

    Hard Drive Help

    Hello everyone, I have some computers running Windows NT which collect data for an external emulator computer and writes it on a GUI. I was doing this because onsite the computers were experiencing issues like gaps in data and missing data, etc., so I could figure out the issue and fix it. The...
  6. JeremiahBerry180

    Laptop hdd cloning to new laptop hdd using desktop pc

    My laptops hard drive is making lots of noise and I want to replace it with a new one. Can I put the old hdd and the new hdd in my desktop to copy everything to the new hdd this way?
  7. J

    HDD Random folders appearing

  8. K

    New HDD not working

    Hi, My HDD recently died so I went out and got a replacement(Seagate ST1000LM048). After a few failed attempts to connect it from I don't even know what reason (it just wouldn't recognize it) I finally got it working and installed windows. When I downloaded graphics card drivers the whole laptop...
  9. K

    How do I move and use old hard drive (windows installed)

    Okay, I am terribly in need of help as soon as possible. So I have bought a new cpu, motherboard, ssd(i didnt have on my old computer), and ram. I have hooked up everything and transferred my hard drive from my old computer to my new pc. I was hoping to use the operating system that was...
  10. K

    Can't boot my pc

    Hi guys really need you help my pc will not boot. So when i boot it says hard drive has no operating system but when i try to run the media creation tool it says windows operating system already on pc. Ive been at this all day. ive tried to reset pc it wont let me says error, repair pc says...
  11. A

    What do I need to make my PC run faster?

    Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home Single Language, 64 bit, Build 18362, Installed 20190823011556.000000+330 Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU J3710 @ 1.60GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 76 Stepping 4, CPU Count: 4 Total Physical RAM: 4 GB...
  12. 9

    Faulty laptop - Broken

    Hi, I'm new here so not sure if this is 100% in the right location. Opened my laptop a couple days ago and was presented with the message "Fixing ( C: ) Stage 1..." This took a couple hours and eventually started the computer. A few days later (today) the computer crashes to a black screen...
  13. afaithu

    How much space do I need?

    Hello. I would like to download around 80 hours of video (preferably 720p quality), so how much space would I need? Would 128gb be enough?
  14. G

    No boot device error

    I recently installed a new power supply. Pc will not boot all the way now. It keeps booting up to an errir message "no boot device. Press any key to reset." Maybe it's not detecting my hard drive. Checked in bios. Hard drive not showing up in boot load settings. Probably not being...
  15. P

    RAW hard drive

    My hard drive is RAW and every time I try to format it into ntfs using disk management it is not able to and whenever I try it in diskpart it says Virtual disk error: this volume or device is in use
  16. J

    XPS 13 9360 (2016) No Hard drive installed after reboot

    Hey guys just wondering if anyone has come across this issue. So basically when I boot my Laptop after shutting it down (ie cold boot) it does so normally. However, when I restart the laptop (ie warm boot) there's a screen that says Hard drive not installed and prompts me to shut down the...
  17. S

    Hard drive not showing in ASUS bios

    Have new ASUS Motherboard Max Hero XI and I installed new Samsung SSD and W/10. Ran and installed all drivers and the PC worked rebooting and installing for the day. Went to sleep turned PC on and "NO HARD DRIVE" showing up in bios. Reset bios to factory UEFI defaults and still Boot drive NOT...
  18. BlueHorizon87

    Latest Android Update Has Broken All Video Players

    I have a 2015 Sony W800C Android TV running Android 8 and i have never had an issue with it until it updated itself 2 weeks ago from Android 7 to 8. Straight after the update, i noticed it wasn't playing my media. I have a simple setup, and it includes a 1TB Hard Drive with all my HD Movies on...
  19. J

    Boot issues after sleep mode.

    If the laptop is allowed to enter sleep mode I will get the error message "checking for media presence... no media detected" and redirected to the BIOS menu screen. This happens without fail when I try to wake or then restart the laptop AFTER it's been allowed to sleep. A temporary fix I have...
  20. A

    Boot Device Not Found Hard Disk (3F0)

    Hi! I am using a Notebook HP Model 15ay065nr Windows 10. My laptop says: Boot Device Not Found Please install a operating system on your hard disk. Hard Disk (3F0)