hard reset

  1. ddr4drummer

    PC Constantly Requires Hard Reset 5 Minutes Into Gaming

    Hi there! I've been running into this problem for a while now and haven't seemed to be able to find a fix for it. I'll load up a game, get past the menu into the game, and within the first 5 to 10 minutes my entire PC will freeze. No mouse movement. No ability opening task manager. The only...
  2. S

    Computer won't hard reset

    I am trying to sell my Acer Nitro 5 and had met someone willing to purchase it. I went to hard reset it and it gave the normal options of wiping all user data from my 2 hard drives, while it was performing it instantly went to 10% and stopped there for 5 hours, the computer went without power...
  3. A

    Repeated random hard freezes on Windows 10

    So my Windows 10 self-built machine has been experiencing random hard freezes multiple times per day. The screen locks up totally, and whatever audio is playing hangs on the sound it was producing the instant before the freeze, in an awful buzzing sound. Each time it occurs, I check Event...
  4. I

    Screen broken on Asus laptop, can't see to do hard reset

    My Asus x551mav screen is broke and i cannot see the screen to do the hard reset. Cansomeone help me ?
  5. M

    Help with resetting BIOS (without CMOS)

    Hello to whomever will read this. The device in question is a Sansui Lifepad (Etab WIB 700) running Windows 8.1 (not mobile, just full-on Windows) I noticed it had an issue with it's graphics adapter not being able to display in its native resolution which cause incorrect calibration of the...