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    Missing Second Hard Drive (F:), not in Disk Management

    After updating the drivers using IObit Driver Booster Pro in my Windows 10 laptop, my second hard drive (F) went missing. It doesn't show in My Computer so I tried looking it up in Disk Management and it's not appearing there either. Also my hard drive size is 500 GB and it only shows 296 GB...
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    building an external m.2 SSD need help with compatibility

    Hi, I want to build a external m.2 device but i'm not sure if they are compatible, can someone confirm if they will work please. WDS500G2B0B TS-CM80S Also my laptop has USB 3.1 Gen 2 and thunderbolt 3, Was wondering if i should get a thunderbolt 3 USB Type-C to Type-C cable or will the USB...
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    External hard drive not being shown as a hard drive

    Started my pc and my hard drive is not there I had all my games there now I can't find the hard drive. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated thank you.