1. Zygis

    Hard drive d gone while tryng to transfer windows

    Soo i was tryng to put my windows to my d drive because it had more space.When i was tryng to make a copy it made the d drive disapear and it became the copy of windows.Now i dont know how to get my d drive with 1tb back.I found with some programs that 600gb from the 1tb were in hybernation else...
  2. W

    External Drive Suddenly Recognized as CD

    My external drive (WD Passport Ultra) was suddenly recognized as CD. I've been using it for years now and this is the first time this has happened. It was working just fine the previous day.The data could no longer be accessed. I read up online that I should use programs to try recovering the...
  3. T

    Missing Second Hard Drive (F:), not in Disk Management

    After updating the drivers using IObit Driver Booster Pro in my Windows 10 laptop, my second hard drive (F) went missing. It doesn't show in My Computer so I tried looking it up in Disk Management and it's not appearing there either. Also my hard drive size is 500 GB and it only shows 296 GB...