1. O

    No Signal - Pc monitor

    Hello, So my pc was working perfectly, i've bought a new fans for the case, i installed them and everything went smoothly! but when i turned the pc on all fans ran so freaking fast and the screen can't get a signal! I've tried so many things! 1- CPU resetting 2- BIOS Battery changing 3-...
  2. L

    Can I run Fortnite?

    Hello my friends, I have a probook 6460b and I want to play fortnite with some classmates. But I dont know if my laptop can run it so can anyone please tell me if my laptop is good enough for fortnite?
  3. Crazysexybear

    PC Build

    Hey there So I'm going to build a pc pretty much for only gaming and I'd like to know what you think about this build (any cheaper or better solutions): MOTHERBOARD: Gigabyte Z370 aorus gaming 5 CPU: Intel core i5 8600k COOLER: CRYORIG H7 Cooler CASE: Corsair SPEC-02 Mid-Tower Case RAM: Corsair...
  4. S

    Issue to reboot

    ello, it's been 3 days I'm stuck at "recovery or booting menu". I can't go on my windows 10 desktop. When I try to reset my pc it won't do it or when I troubleshoot it's doesn't work too.. All I can do it's F2, Del, F9 or waiting for "booting menu (blue screen with few tabs)". How can i install...
  5. S

    mouse clicking uncontrollably by itself

    ok for the past month my mouse has gotten progressively worse, it started off by not working sometimes for a few minutes during gaming which we all know can be very annoying, now it has progressed to the point of clicking like there is a mad man behind it which is equally annoying, as i write...