hardware change

  1. NirmalRaj

    HDD Upgrade nets blank screen on HP 245 G5 Notebook

    Hello I recently upgraded my older 256 gb hdto a 2 tb hdd which doesn't seem to start on my pc Problems turned worse when I put in the old drive yet it didn't start. I'm currently a single dad and have office hours of 8 to 7 so I can't reach the HP support. Please suggest me the remedies at...
  2. Safara

    Can i use macbook pro 7,1 parts in macbook pro 5,1

    I have a macbook pro 7,1 that stopped working now I got a macbook pro 5,1 but the keyboard, screen and battery is faulty, my question is can I use the 7,1 parts to replace these? Please help me🙏
  3. M

    Can you replace a 15" laptop display with a 17" display

    This question may sound weird proof being i haven't found any info about this online. I've become obsessed with the bezel less laptops like the DELL XPS but also, i love my own laptop a lenovo y700 not the greatest laptop a bit outdated too, so my question is can i replace my 15 inch screen with...
  4. M

    No Display

    I use to have a 1050ti in my dads computer i removed the card and installed a radion card just for basic browsing and emails. The computer powers on but no display or beep codes not sure what to do any thoughts?
  5. L

    Should I buy a better CPU or Graphics card?

    I have a poor performing CPU for gaming. Its a Amd a4 with intergrated graphics. Im wondering if I should buy a graphics card (Gtx 1030 GDDR5 low profile) or upgrade my CPU? If the Cpu, what are some good options under 100$?
  6. K

    New parts suddenly refusing to boot anything properly

    I'm not 100% sure if its a Win10 topic or hardware issue but: My PC has been down for a while since the night of Jan 4th/5th. I awoke to a BSOD about storport.sys and tried everything from drivers to wiping a HDD to buying a new one. For some reason, although it ran perfectly fine the few days...
  7. P

    Suggestion on motherboard compatible for Intel Core i5-2320

    Hi Guys, Greetings!! I was using a desktop version specified with Intel Core i5-2320 3.0GHz in Intel DH61WW motherboard. I found the motherboard was faulty and it was trashed long back and need to be replaced now. So, please suggest me whether I can buy the same make motherboard ( which is...
  8. omaewamoushindeiru

    Adding RAM to PC

    I recently discovered that my PC has only 2GB RAM. I have heard that RAM can be added in the PC in the RAM slot. I've made up my mind to add RAM but i don't know which specific RAM i should buy and how to install it. Can anyone help me out with this?
  9. A

    Want suggestion selecting Graphic card!

    Hi, I need to buy a graphic card, but not sure which suits best, I saw many options on Amazon ,I am wondering about any comparability issues/ quality ...here are my PC specs- Intel i3 proc., R3 m.board,4 GB ram,[email protected] Purpose-Install Designing softwares like REVIT MEP,CAD latest...
  10. D

    Graphics upgrade

    Hi there wondering if someone could help . I currently own a MSI GP62 2QD leopard laptop , I was thinking that I might wanna upgrade the graphics on it , I currently have a nvidia 940M 2gb however for the newer games this isn't really good enough . What graphics card if I could , could I put and...
  11. N

    Pc unable to boot after change of CPU

    I have run into quite a problem I had installed my second hand motherboard with 4gb ram and an intel 2 core duo and it was working perfectly I had later decided to remove my CPU in order to replace it with a previously working CPU (intel core 2 quad) Once I had changed the CPU, the problem...
  12. V

    Error code: 0xc0000185 -UEFI firmware

    Have you seem this before? I've reset my computer back to manufacturer factory setting and now I am having issue with the UEFI Bio setting. When I purchased this system from Dell it did not come with a 'recovery tools media disk. This is the error message I am getting when I turn it on...
  13. B

    Solved Upgrading hardware

    I am building a PC. However, I am going to attempt to use my current SSD, HDD drives and CPU ( i5-6400) Mobo, GPU,RAM and everything else is being changed. I plan to start fresh on the newly built PC therefore I will factory reset. The question is will I still have my OS (win 10)?