hardware durability

  1. S

    Fixing (D:) stage 1 (275 of 540160) total 0% ETA 999:00:00..

    Hi Pc froze then it got restarted. Upon restarting and finished it's repairs it restarted again to this message. Do I really have to wait that long? Gtx 970 graphic card 550w power supply Intel i5 4690 k Z97x gaming 5 mother board Os: win 10 The PSU : pro550w xfx Thanks in Advance
  2. TheGreatKaito

    Solved A significant question......

    Before I go into 'the significant question',this is some of the stuff that you guys should know before you give me your much valued,analytical and intelligent feedback on my rather 'stupid' question,but one that nonetheless needs to be answered. These are my current system specs:- My System...