hardware failure

  1. xilco

    Hardware failure

    Hey I have problems with my pc, and I am pretty sure it is hardware related. My pc keeps shutting down and restarting, when its heavier games or too many programs open at the same time, which should not be a problem since my pc specs are not that bad. I am not a big tech guy, but I have done...
  2. P

    PC Hardware could be faulty

    So I accidentally had a broken usb 2.0 adapter for my vr headset in my pc usb slot with the oculus cord connected to the usb plug as an adapter and it shut off my pc and I turned it on and it turned of immediately and it repeats until I manually shut it off, what do I fix?
  3. C

    Computer screen shuts down only when playing games

    Here's a youtube link about what actually happens: And here's what I've tried - Restart CMOS - Check and clean both the ram slots and the ram - Let the GPU be outside the pc for a while - Check temps in GPU-z (all normal for the CPU and GPU) - Reinstalled drivers and updated them - Replace the...
  4. J

    Pixilated screen with different colors / computer freezes

    My laptop ( around 5 years old) has started randomly crashing . It shows blue death screen which shows the error system thread exception not found. Also randomly it stops working and shows pixilated screen with different color bars . Ireally doubt the fact that my screen is damaged because at...
  5. S

    Power supply broken... but only the hard drive cable?

    So, 2 days ago I got a new internal ssd to replace my old one (old one had very little storage space.) I opened up my PC, unplugged the power supply and sata port from my old ssd, and plugged them into the new one before putting the panels back on and trying to start it up. It was unusually...
  6. EulersIdentity

    Total system freeze with graphical glitches. GPU failure?

    As of two days ago I'm experiencing a complete system freeze accompanied by graphical glitches across the screen, such as boxes and lines of miscellaneous colors. It'll stop taking input within 2 seconds or so from the screen thing, and audio will hang or loop. My assumption is a GPU issue. I'm...
  7. S

    My Motherboard is not getting power

    So i just upgraded my power supply from 550W To 650w then when I plugged everything And pressed the power button nothing happened Actually when I turned the power supply switch ON after 5 seconds JUST the RAM'S RGB turned On and nothing else no fans,spu,graphics card,etc.. So what can I do...
  8. N

    My Hard drive isn't working

    Hello I have a somewhat new HDD installed on my laptop it was running fine for a year , until for some reason It malfunctioned now whenever I boot my laptop a blackscreen shows with a blinking minus sign , when I enter the BIOS the HDD doesn't appear at all. I tired to use windows rescue center...
  9. L

    Small spill won’t turn on

    I just had a small spill of soda on the top of my pc when I checked after it wasn’t too wet but my pc will not turn back on when I tried to restart it. I’m not very good with tech so I don’t know where to start or even what’s wrong so I’d appreciate any help
  10. R

    Blue Screen of death

    I have a dell precision m4700 with 32gig of ram. For some reason it will crash with the blue screen of death regularly. I get message about PRN LIST, MEMORY MANAGEMENT and things like that. I did a search on the internet and certain programs were recommended to fix it but nothing works. I alway...
  11. H

    PC won't fully turn on

    Hi, i recently decided to revive a very old pc of mine. I bought it over 8 years ago now, I pulled it out of storage, added a new graphics card and more rams (made sure they were compatible). I turned it on, updated my Windows and drivers and it was working fine. Even played a few games on it. I...
  12. J

    Issue with PC Bootup - Unsure of Potentially Damaged Hardwar

    PC SPECS Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-8600K CPU @ 3.60GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 158 Stepping 10 Processor Count: 6 RAM: 16256 Mb Graphics Card: Intel(R) UHD Graphics 630, 1024 Mb Hard Drives...
  13. Traincraft101

    Solved Multiple BSOD errors on startup

    This problem began on june 8, 2019. I have had this computer for more than 6 months and never had this problem before. I was watching a Youtube video on my windows 10 pc and suddenly my computer crashed for no apparent reason. The audio crapped out and the screen went black. It tried to reboot...
  14. B

    No signal between monitor and PC

    I can’t get a signal from my computer to my monitor, I have built my own pc and I had this problem not too long ago and it had to do with the cpu, I knew it had to do with the cpu because my motherboard tells me if something isn’t working but this time it hasn’t said anything. I readded thermal...
  15. R


    Hi guys Just joining today, I have an issue with my motherboard (envy corei7) and I was told I need to change the motherboard, the question is if I change the mothrmother will all the features of the old motherboard (like Nvidia and other stuffs) be on the new motherboard or it will be a lesser...
  16. Asgna

    PC Starts, But No Display...

    Hello all! I've recently encountered an error with my computer. When I turn it on, I get no display. No beep when I remove all ram. The fans spin, also. I've resseted the CMoS, used 1 stick of ram, and to no avail. The computer worked perfectly before this happened. PC Specs:: Motherboard...
  17. R

    No post or DVI signal after replacing RAM, CPU Debug Light

    I had recently taken out my RAM stick to replace it, but after that I started getting "No DVI signal" on my monitor. Placed original RAM back into its socket and same thing occurs. Now the CPU debug light on my mobo is constantly lit whenever it's on. The fans/led all turn on as well as my...
  18. T

    can someone help me?

  19. J

    PC Crashing

    So the overall issue is that my PC (Desktop) is crashing continuously without any warning signs. It runs well with standard programs running at once, Meaning discord, firefox, and spotify running at once, even FL Studio in the mix at times. But the moment I run a game, it crashes, it has only...
  20. perrijs

    New Dell Computer Shuts Down When Tipped Forward

    So this just happened...I bought a brand new computer from Office Depot. A Dell XPS 8930. As I was about to plug in my headphones to the back of the tower, I tipped the PC forward slightly to get a better view and it shut down. It booted back up, however, curious as I was...I tipped it forward...