hardware upgrade

  1. E

    Can't restart/shut down pc without power button.

    This may end up being some sort of software problem but it started to occur after I upgraded my CPU, RAM, and MOBO. I cannot shut down or restart my computer through the start menu anymore. I have to hold down the power button every time I want to shut it off or restart. Any help would be...
  2. G

    I've been looking for a certain something...

    Hello! I needed help to find a new battery replacement for my Hp 17-bs049dx laptop. I've been looking for hours and I haven't found anything. I wanted to look for a generic battery and one by the manufacturer. Thank you for the help, have a good day.
  3. Kvetinac30701

    Hardware Upgrade

    Hey, this is not a question about my computer having a problem, so i dont know if its dumb to post it here, it yes than im sorry in advance. Recently, i have been noticing that my computer does not perform in the new AAA games pretty well. I have been thinking, that it maybe is a time for an...