1. S

    April update causes white screen on startups

    Hi, I did the latest cumulative update with I believe other regular updates in middle April. I have heard of an April 13 update that caused tons of issues for many. Ever since the updates, my computer which is 20H2 now starts up normal but just before the password to login, the screen goes...
  2. W

    Monitor turns black please help!

    Hello, ive had this issue for about a month now, no pc crashes but certain games crash when this occurs. mainly Black ops Cold war and forza horizon 4. everything will be fine, with 144+ fps at 1440p but randomly i will get a black screen that goes away after a few seconds. the games that dont...
  3. C

    PC buzzes and shuts down playing games

    Every time i’m playing a graphics intensive game, my pc makes a buzzing sound, the screen turns a single colour and it shuts down. As this happens, on my motherboard the red light goes on next to the CPU and on the VGA. then they turn off and my pc slowly restarts itself. MY PC SPECS ARE: cpu...
  4. D

    USB Devices not getting recognised

    So I have three USB ports on my laptop. Two of them are working perfectly fine. One port is providing power If I connect a charger to it, but It is not able to recognize any of the USB devices that I attach to it. I have already tried updating/uninstalling the USB drivers, but It doesn't seem to...
  5. D

    Can I upgrade my hp pavilion g6-1d73us cpu

    Hi family first post here. I received this laptop from family member, and wanted to know if I can upgrade the cpu on this model. From what I researched it's a socket 988b rpga and the maximum cpu can be a i7-2640M, and with a maximum of 8 gb memory. I'm not 100% sure if I'm correct. If not what...
  6. Foghos

    PC stuck in bios boot loop

    Hello! As the title states my pc is stuck in a boot loop and keeps restarting itself. I have literally tried everything, even changed the motherboard but I am still at the same point. I tried to boot it without hard drives, with only one ram stick, I tried resetting bios settings and updating...
  7. M

    Able to navigate UI in W10, but no tasks can be completed

    Motherboard: Gigabyte B450 Aorus Pro Wifi CPU: Ryzen 3600 GPU: GTX 1660ti PSU: Corsair SF600 RAM: Corsair Vengeance RGB 2x8gb Storage: Samsung 970 EVO Plus 500gb boot drive, 2tb Barracuda HD This is a new build. I recently bought the parts new from Newegg with the exception of the graphics card...
  8. Hansjurgen

    Solved New Motherboard doesn't start

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, I got a relatively new Mainboard which doesn't start anymore. I don't have a power button for it, wich means I use a screwdriver to conect the two pins to start it. Usually it works pretty fine but the last time I wanted to start it, nothing happened and my pc kept...
  9. Fronkle

    PC boots to black screen

    First post here because I have been unable to figure out how to solve this on my own. My PC whenever it is turned on boots up as normal but then stops at a black screen where I can move my mouse and do nothing else. I can reach the BIOS menu and it bluescreened at one point and I was able to...
  10. O

    Wireless to wired internet connection

    Hi. I want to figure out what i need to buy and the best recommendations of how to get internet in my detached garage. I currently live in a 3 bedroom house and my modem/router is located in the front of my house. My current router gives me great WiFi throughout the house and I have no issues...
  11. J

    Solved Chromebook Audio Problems

    I am a student doing online school with a school provided Chromebook. Recently something happened(I'm not sure what) and now the Chromebook only plays audio if there is a headset plugged in. I'm really scared since it would cost a lot of money if we returned the laptop broken. Is there something...
  12. K

    Issues booting laptop!

    Hello! Hope everyone is having a good night/evening or morning! My laptop was working just fine a few hours ago, after I put my laptop to hibernate, I couldn’t boot it. I tried multiple times but it was stuck on the Samsung logo, looking like it was booting, but I waited hours and nothing...
  13. D

    Anyone have any suggestions?

    Recently bought a new gaming computer, it’s been completely fine for the first couple days, all of a sudden it keeps auto restarting and detecting problems, won’t let me troubleshoot anything when I go troubleshoot... I also get black screens but after a restart I get windows back for a bit then...
  14. Roader

    Solved My motherboard is dead

    So i have got this pc last year, nothing wrong everything went all right. When after a while it started to boot up then restart one or two times for some days or for a week but then it started working fine again. Two months ago it started to have this problem again but in a day it didnt even...
  15. HiddenBoii

    Startup problem

    Yesterday was like any day before. Today i woke up, go to my PC and it just didnt boot corectly. I can hardly come to advancd options in windows, usually it says blinitializelibrary failed 0xc00000bb. Specs Radeon Saphire Nitro R480 B75 PRO3-M2x Hyperx 8gb ram stick Intel I5 3000
  16. ApexCreo

    My gaming PC just died on me

    I was in the middle of playing a game nothing intense or strenuous on my pc but it suddenly went black, after trying everything i could thin k i thought o install a new OS incase it was a virus, all I get is. Can someone please tell me what this mean and if I can buy new parts and install them...
  17. JohnPowierski

    PC can't connect to Internet and it shows these line things

    So I can’t connect to the Internet on my PC I go to network and Internet and it just shows a bunch of lines and I’ve tried so much stuff
  18. W

    Previously working PC turning on and off continuously

    Had this PC for a few years and has worked fine but today now when turned on it turns off after around 15 seconds and then keeps turning on and off on repeat. CPU: i5-6600 Motherboard: GA-Z270X-Gaming K5 GPU: EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 8GB RAM: Hyperx 16GB PSU: Corsair VS650
  19. OmNyk69xxx

    Reddish tint on right edge of my laptop screen

    There is a reddish tint on the right side of my laptop screen. I hadn't hit my laptop anywhere but still idk how the tint appeared. Please help me with this. (I'm using Dell Inspiron 15 3567 4GB laptop)
  20. R

    Dual Monitor

    I've been trying to setup dual monitors which should be easy (might just be overlooking a simple fix). I have 2 dell monitors and a dell system dual hdmi splitter and cords (all new). I've tried deleting and updating drivers. Display adapters Bluetooth Restarts Updates for computer When I...