1. E

    Switch Chrome Downloads to HDD and not SSD

    so evetime I download a game or just something that needs to be stored in a space it always choses my SSD even though I set my download location to my HDD. because i don't want to run my SSD storage high because its 500gb but my HDD 2tb, or would it just be best to let my SSD fill up then let...
  2. anoopshetty1998

    Improve the speed of Inspiron 15 3552

    I have a dell Inspiron 15 3552(Windows 8.1), 4gb RAM(single slot), 500 GB HDD with Pentium processor. I need to improve the speed and overall performance of my laptop, what option should I select? 1) Replace 4gb RAM with 8gb. i.e( 8gb RAM +500gb HDD) 2)Keep ram 4gb as it is and replace the dvd...
  3. T

    Invisible Laptop HDD

    I 2nd hand bought a 1 TB Toshiba laptop HDD, 2.5 Inch but thicker and nothing seems to see it. It's not a scam because it was all through public/legal channels, the post was professional and offered a 5 day warranty, just that I didn't use it straight up cause I was busy. The whole laptop can't...