hdd 500gb

  1. S

    Hdd problems

    my.pc had ubuntu on it and i cant uninstall it at all and for some reason now after doing several checks and evrrything my pc wont boot my hdd so im getting a new one but i got a deal on a pc its gonna come with windows 10 installed on it would taking tht hdd and putting it into my pc work i...
  2. Knightmare917

    Your pc ran into a problem

    So I just bought a thinkcentre m80 pc tower and I loaded it up for the first time yesterday, I played fallout new Vegas on it and it crashed, load it back up and it says sorry your computer ran into an issue. And the stop code says bad config info. I’ve tried everything to get the computer to...
  3. mohittomar13

    Solved HDD making clicking noise

    My Toshiba 500gb hdd is making loud clicking noise. I have checked it using various hdd diagnosis utilities but non of it reported any problem. The smart status is good and no read write error is reported.. should i be worried about it and replace with a new one??
  4. X

    Water spilled on laptop,dried it,fixed,any problems to come

    My little brother was angry with me and he spilled a quarter cup of warm water on my laptop, Lenovo Ideapad 110, HDD 500Gb, intel i3, I bought it about 2 weeks ago, when my brother threw the water on me, it all came on the keyboard, I immediately dried it with a paper towel, then with a cloth...