hdd boot

  1. Racerxsrh

    SATA HDD to SATA SSD issues

    Ok so my issue starts when i try to replace my non-boot drive SATA 1TB HDD with a SATA 2TB SSD in my laptop. With the original HDD in place laptop boots just fine, With original HDD removed laptop boots just fine, but when i install the SSD it sits on the ASUS ROG boot screen and never moves...
  2. V

    HDD problem

    My HDD not create new drive.how to I disk controller disable in bios mainu.
  3. AntoniaNewbie

    Solved Is my HDD ruined ?

    Hello, I'm a first time builder, built my first PC Yesterday ... that would be Aug 5th 2017 ... it went okay, I was a little nervous about ruining things but I got the whole thing set up and booted to windows 10 just fine, Then I worked out that my keypad was acting up ( I used an old keypad )...