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    Can't boot into Windows anymore (at least, with GRUB)

    Hello, and thank you for reading this. I have a Dell Latitude E5470 running Windows 10 Pro with a 256 GB M.2 SSD. I recently was trying to install a Linux operating system (Deepin) onto a 1TB HDD that I acquired. I shrunk the Windows partition (it still had plenty of space), and made a...
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    Missing Second Hard Drive (F:), not in Disk Management

    After updating the drivers using IObit Driver Booster Pro in my Windows 10 laptop, my second hard drive (F) went missing. It doesn't show in My Computer so I tried looking it up in Disk Management and it's not appearing there either. Also my hard drive size is 500 GB and it only shows 296 GB...
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    Hard drive issues

    My wife's Inspiron 17 5767 started making HDnoises.....tic tic tic......until it got louder and louder then failed completely The laptop was still under warranty so I sent it back to Dell....they replaced the harddrive and sent it back. It's only been two weeks and the hard drive is making...
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    Solved Problem accessing external hard drive

    roperty > I can no longer access my D: drive (1 TB Seagate HDD, connected via USB) used for storing my file backups. From Windows Explorer I get the message of "D:\ is not accessible". In FreeCommander file manager I can see the drive, but previusly I got the message of "The disk structure is...