hdd failure

  1. D

    HDD failing?

    I decided to check out my HDD's to see if they were dying using CrystalDiskInfo, and noticed a drive has a caution warning. Should I be worried? It is behaving normally right now.
  2. D

    A problem with my new hard drive

    A few days ago i bought an internal hard drive, i installed my new hard drive and i followed youtube guides and it all worked fine started downloading games into it and it was working all fine and then woke up today, didn't change anything the PC was still on and the hard drive just dissapeared...
  3. mohittomar13

    Solved HDD making clicking noise

    My Toshiba 500gb hdd is making loud clicking noise. I have checked it using various hdd diagnosis utilities but non of it reported any problem. The smart status is good and no read write error is reported.. should i be worried about it and replace with a new one??
  4. mohittomar13

    Solved Unable to restore Windows Image Backup

    Hi.. My HDD died a couple of days ago and I received a new HDD from my laptop's manufacturer (Dell - Laptop 3568 Vostro). Fortunately I made a system image before the HDD failed (just after installing windows and drivers- the other backup i tried to make after HDD failure didn't work). I tried...
  5. G

    Possible HDD Failure

    A week or so ago, my PC suddenly powered off while gaming. I removed the PSU and tested it via the paperclip method, which showed it to be dead. I purchased a new PSU (750W Antec Edge Silence) and everything powered up OK but all 3 of my internal HDDs (non-SSD) are no longer recognized in...
  6. G

    HDD stops working when on battery

    Hi there! I've got a problem. My primary "Windows" disk is 64GB SSD and I use 1TB HDD for storage. Whenever is my laptop running on battery, the harddisk will stop working after about 30 minutes of work. This happens every time when on battery. When I play film from HDD, whole laptop will froze...
  7. M

    Lost hard drive

    I performed a full system recovery on my Satellite l755-s5153 about two weeks ago. since then it had been running excessively sluggish. As of about two days ago, i finally went to run the various windows updates, as they finally downloaded. I get up the next morning and turn on my computer just...
  8. S

    HDD Locked After Power Failure

    I was running Parted Magic to 0 out my drive (planning on donating my older laptop to charity) & all of a sudden I had a power failure. When I restarted my Laptop I was asked for a HDD password key. Which I don't know (n) because I did not set one. I can't even boot into BIOS to run a live...