hdd recovery

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    Windows 7 is sticking while first boot up

    I need help please anyone can help Me I am stucking on this screen and my computer is not booting please help me What i have done yesterday : i have windows 10 already installed but it is hanging so much so i have an windows 7 bootable pen drive then i plug it into my computer and installed...
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    How to recover files after accidentaly formated external HDD

    I had about 300 movies on my external 500 gb external Hard Drive. Thats when i stupidly formatted the drive, I have not written anything over the drive but i still cant get files because its been formatted. I been trying gparted but im having a tough time. I also used a program online and could...
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    rebooting issues

    Hi all, I am having problems regarding my system rebooting. The issue started when Dell updates were being installed. When I turn the laptop on it goes to a black screen only saying cant find media then. No boot device found press any key to reboot. Rebooting doesn't work and it is stuck in a...