1. C

    Windows user needs help to clone HDD

    Home security camersa system uses 2TB WD Purple Surveilance Hard Drive, now 7 years old. I bought new one. Raleigh NC, where can I get the HDD cloned?
  2. justaguywhoneeds

    Disk Usage Very High causing lag

    Hi, I currently have an issue where I get 50%+ disk usage for no reason actually. It's causing lots of lag. Is there any fix for it? [I've tried everything on YouTube, none of them worked] btw, can an SSD solve this issue?
  3. S

    SSD Issues Snowballed

    Hey everyone. Within the last few months I started seeing "scanning and repairing disk" messages when starting my computer. I took this as a sign to get a system image backup on an external hard drive. The other day I woke up my pc and had suddenly lost permission to access my SSD (which my...
  4. G

    Cloning Old SSD to new SSD

    I have my internal ssd, and external hdd back up drives. I bought a new tb ssd to put in place of my 500gb internal. Can I first clone my c drive to my external hdd and then after the installation of my new ssd clone it over to the new ssd from my external? I have that Mercium free cloning...
  5. S

    Changing virtual memory settings to boot PC faster

    I am having it where my PC is booting up very slow. I looked on my virtual memory, and the Recommended is supposedly not to be so much less than the Currently allocated. The readings for the virtual memory on my PC are "Recommended: 1913MB, Currently allocated: 8192MB". What custom sizes would...
  6. 8

    Solved Moving Program Files to new SSD

    Hi all, I have a new larger SSD which I have installed and would like for it to be used for everything. Looked for some guides online of how to transfer OS and everything else but this seemed to difficult and confusing. I've accepted and am perfectly happy with the OS staying where it is on...
  7. JD8989

    HDD DST Check : Failed - Trying to reinstall Windows fresh

    Hi everyone, I am trying to repair a PC for someone that was experiencing a large number of blue screen errors. I ended up updating some drivers and it has all gone down hill from there, the Windows installation seems to be totally corrupt now and I can no longer log in. I discovered...
  8. K

    New HDD not working

    Hi, My HDD recently died so I went out and got a replacement(Seagate ST1000LM048). After a few failed attempts to connect it from I don't even know what reason (it just wouldn't recognize it) I finally got it working and installed windows. When I downloaded graphics card drivers the whole laptop...
  9. PressABToStart

    Can’t Boot PC

    So I built my computer a while back, and being the first computer I ever built, I was dumb and installed Windows to my HDD instead of my SSD. Recently my computer has gotten cluttered and what not so I just wanted a fresh start, so I migrate all of my important files to my HDD, then formatted my...
  10. DanielOK

    A device cannot be find or it's disconnected

    I was installing windows 8.1 and formatted my hdd to install it freshly (It had 2 partitions) but it gave an error and said to enter a disk then when I restarted it said that a required device isn't connected or can't be connected, i tried to unplug it and the same, i tried to plug the...
  11. D

    Solved Help/Advice concerning SSD's

    Hi! I'm currently looking at possibly getting some new storage added to my laptop (Lenovo Idea pad320 - 14IKB) due to it not having much space on the actual Internal Storage. I have an external Hard drive but that seems to slow the PC down a fair bit. I was looking at getting an internal storage...
  12. BenMacTavish

    PC Freeze with weird sound from HDD

    Hello, My PC froze several times in recent days with a weird noise coming from HDD. It unfroze itself within several seconds, so I didn't care much. However, today morning it didn't even boot, but stuck on boot screen with the weird noise continuously coming from the HDD. After several minutes...
  13. P

    Windows 10 | HDD seems to be corrupt after chkdsk

    I'm running an MSI Windows 10 laptop with 128GB SAMSUNG MZVLW128HEGR-00000 (SSD) and 1TB Hitachi HGST HTS541010B7E610 (HDD). I have my windows on the NVME SSD and it seems to be working fine. It is only the HDD which is causing issues. My HDD has been behaving weirdly for a couple of days...
  14. A

    Partition/HDD to SSD/Boot problems

    hello i don;t know it's right category or not but i have a problem and i don't have any idea what to do please help me. I don't know what the hell happened I had 2 drive one hdd and one ssd I wanted to transfer my windows from hdd to ssd then I tried to do that with reflectfree app then just...
  15. Nestor1122

    Need help with SSD upgrade

    So I'm attempting to clone this slow HDD onto an SSD but I'm having trouble accessing the OS . Would it be possible to install an SSD with a fresh OS and then retrieve the files from the HDD via USB? Thanks for the help in advance.
  16. M

    HDD not showing, what to do?

    Hi! My laptop is Nitro AN515-52 BIOS VERS.: V1.28 MICROSOFT WINDOWS 10 HOME SINGLE LANGUAGE 64-bit PROCESSOR: Intel(R) Core(TM)i7-8750H CPU 2.20GHz HDD not showing after accidentally Created a volume for Intel Rapid Storage technology. What to do? I can't see the drive icon on file explorer...
  17. ConsciousThinker

    Attaching System HDD to a newer generation of CPU & RAM

    Current System Config: OS INFO ============================ OS Name: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro OS Version: 10.0.18363 N/A Build 18363 BIOS Version: American Megatrends Inc. V17.10, 8/10/2012 System Type: x64-based PC...
  18. ZAKCV4

    Trying to fix a sony Vaio Laptop

    Hi all, So I have an old Sony Vaio (model PCG-71911M) The screen is broken so I am unable to use the laptop, I tried connecting via an external monitor and TV using hdmi cable but there is no input. I tried the fn and f4 trick to switch the external display with no luck. I just want to be...
  19. N

    Switching HDD

    Hello I drop my laptop yesterday and half of the LCD is broken (it shows only gray colour when the laptop is on) and the other half is still working but with flickering. I am buying a new laptop and I want to know if I can take out the hard driver from my old laptop and plug it to the new one...
  20. Navbasak

    Can I use both HDD and M2 SSD in HP 11ad022tu?

    Can I use both HDD and M2 SSD in HP 11ad022tu? The M2 slot is just above the HDD. So I am confused if I can use only one of the storage or both. Please help. Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home Single Language, 64 bit, Build 18363, Installed...