1. kara2044

    How to connect a VHS player to an HDTV

    Hello! I am just wondering if anyone has a suggestion for me on how to hook up my old VHS player to my newish HD television. I am not at all tech savvy, so if this is a silly question with a simple answer then please forgive my incompetence on the matter :oops: I have pictures below to show the...
  2. F

    Do I need a 3D TV to play 3D Blu-Ray movies?

    Hi. Do I need a 3D TV to play 3D movies? I have a Samsung, 4K UHD Smart TV. Thanks! Frank
  3. W

    New Kid Here . . .

    possibly in the wrong topic, I am running a non-gamer Intel Q45 , core2duo, desktop 1Tb 8Gb ram on cublinux/chrome solo load, (absolutely no Microsoft/Adobe/Java/Flash) all open source html5 running on WiFi. When we took down the Satellite dish and controller, the Roku HD smart TV never became...