headphone jack

  1. Tiebe

    Pc Webcam and headphone jacket glitching out

    Hi there i need help if i plug my headphones in and play a sound on my pc it all crackling and static And my webcam is glitching out too it flashes colors and shakes, glitches .
  2. I

    Feature Update Headphone Issue

    Hi Last night I ran the new Windows 10 October Feature Update and ever since I can hear every sound my PC makes, even though my headphones are plugged in and I'm not wearing them! I'm worried the whole house will now hear the music I'm listening to even though I'll be using headphones (I'm...
  3. L

    Audio not working?

    So I have used quite a few different headphones, all of which seem to cut in and out. It gets faded and distorted and then comes back to normal. I literally just bought new headphones thinking it was because my other ones were older and also not mean't for gaming. I don't know if the tower has a...
  4. J

    Solved headphone jack not working

    My Windows 10 laptop's headphone jack randomly stopped working. I tried different headphones to see if it was just an issue with one headset in particular, but that was not the case. I looked around a lot online and it seemed that the most popular fix for this issue was to update drivers...
  5. Tomasek1a

    Yankee Headset Mic and Headphones not cooperating

    Hello, Recently I purchased a Yankee Hornet Headset only to find that the microphone isn't working. So, of course, I did a bit of googling and found out that it only works when plugged into the back of the PC, HOWEVER, when I plug the headphones into the back of the PC they do not work. So now I...
  6. E

    Headphone microphone

    Hello. I have a laptop that has both headphone and microphone jacks. When I plug in headset into the headphone jack, the laptop uses it's own inbuilt microphone instead of the headsets microphone. I have tried reinstalling drivers and other headsets nothing works. How can I fix the issue. The...
  7. R

    Win10: Headphone jack and USB are not recognized anymore

    Hi all I have a PC Win10 (HP) I probably did something (update or clicked something), but since a while my laptop doesn't recognize my phone when I plug it in (it charges tho). I googled a bit and thought the driver is maybe outdated and tried to update it through the device manager, but...
  8. M

    Front headphone jack to rear jack & panel without realtek

    Hello all and thank you all for reading my thread, before anything sorry for any language errors, grammar .etc! So once again like the topic suggest's this is the question. How to change headphone front jack to rear jack & panel without realtek? Is there possibly some other software that could...
  9. L

    Headphone jack broken

    Hello my headphone jack isn’t working i have to place my headphones in a certain posture in order for it to work is there any way i can fix it? I built this pc and am willing to fix it myself or should i buy a replacement?
  10. M

    Headphones not working right

    Hello. I been searching all day for a fix. I tried everything I think. My problem is I have a ear force x12 headset I use it for my laptop. My laptop has one jack that is headphones/microphone and I only have to plug the green audio in and the usb and it use to work fine. I could hear audio thru...
  11. F

    Solved Blue Yeti Blackout Headphone Jack

    The headphone jack of this microphone isn't detecting my headphones. I'm currently running Windows 10 and I had an issue with my Blue Yeti previously, but I exchanged it for this new one. The old one had an issue detecting my voice input, while this new one detects my voice, yet doesn't detect...