1. N

    Headphones being recognised as speakers not as headphones

    Hello guys, is there someone who can help me with my audio. Yesterday I bought a pair of headset and they are being recognised as speakers, not as headphone and they have a different sound. Let me know if there's someone who can help me. Thanks!
  2. Pisti

    Bluetooth headphone that I wanna use with my pc

    So, I bought a Steelseries Arctis 3 bluetooth gaming headset, and as I read It can only connect with bluetooth to a mobile. I know Its not a mistake that I cant connect to this heaphone with my PC bluetooth, but I want to. So I thought about what If I download a virtual machine to my pc and...
  3. J

    Audio problem with setting not wires or anything

    I had the person who built my PC look inside of it and he said it's not wires or anything. The problem is that with any headset or ear buds or anything at all all audio only comes out one side and the mic doesn't work. I can't find any YouTube video or tutorial that says how to fix my problem...
  4. Zertz

    Audio Red X

    How’s it going everyone. Quick question... I can’t fix the audio at all and I’ve been trying for at least 2 hours. I finally got the driver installed, realtek, and got the output options on. The problem being is the audio won’t detect my headphones and there is still a red X next to the audio...
  5. S

    Front Audio Jack not working

    Just built a new pc and when I plug my headphones into the audio jack on my front panel nothing gets detected. I can assure this is not a hardware issue because the other front panel inputs work and all of mine are powered as a unit (NZXT 510i is my case). I have an ROG Strix B450-F motherboard...
  6. C

    Sound Issues

    Hi, i've had this problem for a little bit, i have Logitech g533 headset, when i play games (most notably: Pubg, Csgo) and i alt tab the volume raises to what i deem a good volume but when i go back into the game it goes quiet again and makes it hard to hear anything going on, Discord is not...
  7. crcook84

    Bluetooth adapter for gaming headphones

    I've seen a number of Bluetooth adapters that will allow wired headphones to become wireless. However, I'm trying to find an adapter that will allow for headphones with an attached microphone to be connected. Not one with an integrated microphone. Now, whether that's an adapter with two jacks or...
  8. 8

    Solved No sound coming from the monitor headphone jack

    Just like the title said, there's no sound coming from the monitor when I plug in my headphone. But when I plug in my PS4 and then my headphones, there's sound coming out of it. I'm using a dvi cable for my pc and hdmi for my ps4. PC Spec: CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 1700X Processor (YD170XBCAEWOF)...
  9. A

    Audio Problems With New Motherboard

    About a month ago I upgraded my Gigabyte H110M-A motherboard to an Asus Z-170 Deluxe motherboard, and ever since then I've been having problems with my headphones and speakers. Firstly, on my Logitech G231 Prodigy headphone, the mic playback feature doesn't work and the mic is extremely quiet...
  10. L

    Headphone jack broken

    Hello my headphone jack isn’t working i have to place my headphones in a certain posture in order for it to work is there any way i can fix it? I built this pc and am willing to fix it myself or should i buy a replacement?
  11. J

    RCA audio out to HDMI or USB input

    I am connecting a headset to a TV and Xfinity box plus an old VCR. There are 2 RCA plugs on the headset. I have no rca on the xfinity box or the tv. The present hookup is coaxial into the Xfinity box, hdmi out to hdmi in on the tv. The vcr hooks up directly to the tv via ?? (I can’t remember...
  12. potimus1d

    When installing Realtek my headphones disappear. win10

    So just setup a new build, and the problem im having is, When i install Realtek hd audio, my headphones disappear. They still work but appear as speakers and take priority (i have logitech 5.1 speakers plugged into rear i/o and my headphones plugged into front case panel). I really wanted to...
  13. N

    Hedphone voices muffled

    yesterday sometime during dinner my headphones got screwed up and no longer work properly most sounds are fine but voices are muffled, distorted and crackly i have it temporarily fixed by having my headphones half unplugged, i don't have this problem with my BT headset and before anyone asks NO...
  14. S

    Please help with bad mic sound

    Please help with my mic i keep getting this horrible sound when i record, and my voice is really quite, and spend hours editing the sound to get rid of it, but i think its the computer that's doing it not the mic's as all 3 are doing it. The 3 mics i have are: 1) neewer nw-700 (3mm jack) 2)...
  15. A

    New headset sounds permanently bass boosted

    I recently got a new headset, a Logitech G230, and instantly noticed that it sounds like all audio is bass boosted. This was not the case with my previous headset and the only controls on the wire for the headset is a mic on/off switch and a volume slider.
  16. M

    How would you know if my Sony H.ear on is fake?

    I would like to know the differences and the clues when the Sony H.ear on is fake? Please help
  17. F


    If I have a USB1.1 to 3.5mm headphone and microphone adapter and I plug that USB1.1 into a USB2.0 port on my computer, will it function properly? I know that USB1.1 is quite old and slow, but will the audio be able to transmit (without delay or lag) and will sounds be clear when I talk through...