headphones issues

  1. R

    Very bad audio threw headset

    I recently built my first gaming pc all working fine till I connect my “turtle beach elite pro and TAC” up and the audio is like a static echo noice almost asif I was playing inside a water bottle however it’s not the headset as iv tried them in multiple devices and they work perfect I have also...
  2. Dzjingle

    After new motherboard and CPU, microphone not working

    I upgraded my pc with a new Motherboard and a new CPU. My headset sound still works , but the microphone isnt working. Its a Razer Kraken PRO. I cant find the Headphones in Device Manager Anymore. Any Help? Appreciate it. Max,
  3. E

    Solved Mic problem...

    Hi. So not too long ago i got myself new headphones, that dont have a mic. I did not know that at first, so i tried using them as a "headset" when my computer asked what the device is. As a result it now thinks there is a mic on the headphones, but there is not so i can't use my laptop built-in...
  4. T

    Realtek sees headphones but windows doesn't.

    My laptop was working fine this morning but later in the day I plugged my headphones in, Realtek HD Audio Manager popped up as usual but no sound came from the headphones. The speakers are silent as if the headphones are working though. Audio Devices also does not have the headphones in the list...
  5. B

    Solved Microphone Static

    When i'm in a skype call with my friends they often complain about static from my mic. I have Realtek HD Audio Manager which manages my mic i have acoustic echo cancellation turned on so i hear less static on my side and also noise suppression which is meant to suppress background noises such as...