1. osully13

    Headset not being recognized

    i can hear audio through my headset but my laptop wont recognize that its a headset to begin with, the mic wont work and theres no "headset" option pop-up anymore (like there used to be) this started after i uninstalled the 7.1 surround sound thing from my laptop and reinstalled it. But it could...
  2. GamerRblxDev

    Microphone and Headphone Plugged Into One Jack

    Hello! My computer was originally a "Windows 7" Computer, that was upgraded to "Windows 10". I have plugged in my headphones that consist of two speakers and a un-pluggable microphone into one of the jacks. The audio software I have on this computer is ASUS Realtek Audio Manager. There is no...
  3. N

    Headphones being recognised as speakers not as headphones

    Hello guys, is there someone who can help me with my audio. Yesterday I bought a pair of headset and they are being recognised as speakers, not as headphone and they have a different sound. Let me know if there's someone who can help me. Thanks!
  4. J

    Solved Chromebook Audio Problems

    I am a student doing online school with a school provided Chromebook. Recently something happened(I'm not sure what) and now the Chromebook only plays audio if there is a headset plugged in. I'm really scared since it would cost a lot of money if we returned the laptop broken. Is there something...
  5. J

    Audio problem with setting not wires or anything

    I had the person who built my PC look inside of it and he said it's not wires or anything. The problem is that with any headset or ear buds or anything at all all audio only comes out one side and the mic doesn't work. I can't find any YouTube video or tutorial that says how to fix my problem...
  6. B

    VR hardware help much appreciated!

    Hello, just a couple of VR related q's I need help with - I have no experience with VR, so excuse the layman terms!) - Whats the difference between the HTC vive trackers ( having a strap on each wrist) and leap motion? you can see your hands in front of you on both of them and can pick things...
  7. Tomasek1a

    Yankee Headset Mic and Headphones not cooperating

    Hello, Recently I purchased a Yankee Hornet Headset only to find that the microphone isn't working. So, of course, I did a bit of googling and found out that it only works when plugged into the back of the PC, HOWEVER, when I plug the headphones into the back of the PC they do not work. So now I...
  8. R

    Solved Headset playing sound from microphone.

    I am using Linux Mint 19 Cinnamon on a Dell Latitude E5470. I have a Sennheiser HD 4.50BTNC headset. My headset is playing the sounds that are heard through the microphone, it started when I turned on the headset microphone in sound settings and continued even when i turned on the laptop...
  9. M

    Can I turn headphones into a mic and connect to phone?

    i want to get an inexpensive wireless headphone set, connect it to Bluetooth on my phone, then plug in my phone to speakers and use it as a microphone. I have a Pixel 2. A normal mic pac won’t work for me because I am an acrobat and can’t have anything on my body, and will need to tape any...
  10. P

    Audio Jack Broken???

    This morning my audio was all working fine, until I launched a game and the audio started coming out of my speakers instead of through my headset. I'm really frustrated and have tried almost everything, I've updated my drivers, I'm afraid to delete them and reinstall them because I'm unaware of...
  11. J

    mic problems

    ((i have windows 10 pro)) I have a red dragon headset with separate jacks for mic and headphones. when i first got them ((august 17, 2018)) they worked fine, but then i went away for the weekend ((august 31, 2018)) and used an adapter in order to plug the headset into my laptop, it worked fine...
  12. D

    Mic broken?

    Ok so before i got the lenovo support bridge and updated all of my drivers my headphones where recognized and working but now they wont recognize so i need help i reinstalled drivers and still didn't work
  13. Q

    Headset static noise problem, fix with external mic?

    Hello, I have a headset right now and I use a external soundcard that has a mic input and audio input. The mic input doesn't work so I have to plug the mic into my motherboard, this produces a static noise I can hear in my headset. If I bought an external mic such as the Antlion Modmic and a...
  14. E

    Splitting sound between 2 monitors

    I game, and use 2 monitors. I would like to be able to play music through my surrounding speakers on and around my desk, controlling it on screen 1. And would like to simultaneously hear my game through my headset that I have plugged in via USB, controlled on screen 2. Is this possible? Could...
  15. W

    Headset Issues

    I loaded up some Team Fortress 2 on my new build and noticed the sound cuts out after a few seconds of consecutive audio. This happens on all programs now but I've also noticed that when the raw audio (not me turning up and down the volume) is fine when it's loud and when it gets a small bit...
  16. I

    Headset's Sound Is Flipped

    Mt turtle beach's headset sound is the wrong way. I'll be hearing stuff from the right in games then the thing will be on the left. I'm using the stereo option in playback devices but I've tried all the others they give the same problem. I cant just flip over my headset cause then I cant use the...
  17. Badviper

    Wireless headset speakers not working completely

    Hello everyone. I'm having a bit of difficulty with a wireless headset I purchased some time ago. Though it's supposed to be a 7.1 headset as I understand it, specifically a logitech G930 gaming headset, I only seem to receive sound from the front speakers. I'm not sure if it's a driver issue or...
  18. Reesha

    Solved Headset's microphone problems

    Hello, I bought ASUS Cerberus v2 headset. All components are detected, but microphone doesn't pick the sound up and while troubleshooting appears disconnected. Any tips? Microphone works perfectly fine connected right into PC. I'm using a splitter. Headset connected to the phone works...
  19. I

    PC Headset Microphone

    I recently built a new PC and today I first plugged in my headset to play some games but realized the microphone attached to the headset would not work. I can hear the game but not speak to people. I tried plugging into the microphone jack but then I couldn't hear anything and the microphone...
  20. C

    Solved USB Headset not working properly on Dell Optiplex 780

    My headset is a RIG500 Series. It has 2 separate ear cups with wires that lead into one male jack. You plug that into a female jack that leads to a USB. The issue is that my computer will only accept it as headphones or a microphone at a time, it wont accept it as both at the same time. When it...