heat sink

  1. mcgiygas

    Power only stays on when cpu cord is unplugged

    So quick run down of what happened before: Overnight my corsair H100i water cooler hose popped off the water block. Unaware at the time I go to turn on my computer to obviously find out it won't turn on and saw the state of my water cooler. Anyways I go ahead replace that with an good ol fan...
  2. R

    Computer shutting down

    Recently my computer (dell xps 1800 running windows 10) had been shutting down and upon investigation, the fan was dusty and wasn't connected correctly- pieces had been broken a few years ago and glued back on, but the glue melted and the thermal compound had worn off. I got a replacement fan...
  3. P

    Computer won't start up

    My pc was running fine for 2 years and all of a sudden the lights on the front and the lights on the DVD drive started flashing fairly quickly and all fans were working except the heat sink fan, which looked to be startingand stopping in time with the flashing lights. So with power off I removed...