1. C

    Don't know if heat is to be expected or if there's a problem

    Hi! Not sure if I'm in the right section for this, but I could really use some advice. I recently got a Lenovo Ideapad Slim 7 and I really like it, except for the warmth. It hasn't gotten hot, just warm, but I've never had a computer be warm when I only have 2 google tabs open, or one YouTube...
  2. D

    Processor running too hot

    Hello this is my first post here so please forgive me if I've done something wrong or messed up the ettiquete. Windows 10 Procesor is a AMD FX 6200 Six Core which according to AMD should not be running much hotter than 70 degrees max. It is a few years old. Shuts down when processor gets too...
  3. V

    Connecting a Gaming Laptop to a Monitor

    I have a gaming laptop (ASUS ROG GL552) that has so far played games like sleeping dogs, arkham origins, and skyrim pretty nicely on medium to low settings (which is perfectly cool with me). I would guess that my laptop never goes above 60 degrees Celcius (140 Farenheit) while playing these...
  4. V

    How hot should I let my gaming laptop get?

    I use my asus rog gl552 to play mostly ps3 games (sleeping dogs, bioshock, skyrim, etc). I enjoyably play these games on their lowest settings but find that the fan area of my laptop still becomes quite hot. Last week I asked this site if I would be able to play a more demanding game such as...
  5. I

    CPU Overheating

    Hey my name is Christian and recently i both a new cpu for my Pc. Its the AMD FX 8350. For this Cpu i also got myself a new CPU fan. The Artic Freeze Extr. Rev 2. So first things first i'm not a native english speaker so please excuse my writing. But now my problem. I installed all Hardware...
  6. novity

    Laptop heat windows 10

    Hi, My laptop is getting heated very fast after installation of Windows 10. I have upgraded latest graphic drivers too but still the heat issue is there.I didnt find this issue in Windows 7.Please help me how can i reduce the heat. Thanks, Novity
  7. F

    Cooling System for a Closed TV Stand

    Hey there - I just got a new TV stand and I love the aesthetic, but unfortunately it's much warmer than what my Xbox/cable box would like it to be, and I'd like to set up an autonomous cooling system in the back of it. There are already some nice sized slots for cable management, and I've...