1. AliviaW17

    Computer updating showing white box

    I just bought my Acer computer for college and every time it I update it, it want to go to a white screen box and I waiting for hours and it just won’t work! I called costumer service and they expect me to pay $50 for it to work....
  2. ttoshkhua

    Lenovo Thinkpad T480s (Low wattage)

    T480s suddenly complains about AC adapter wattage When I boot the laptop with the AC adapter plugged in, I get the following message: The connected AC adapter has a lower wattage than the recommended model which was shipped with the system. To boot with the AC adapter, please connect the...
  3. suttontaylor

    Update mussed up my laptop

    I need help, a day ago my laptop updated itself and it really mussed up my laptop. I believe it's fixed my husband took it back 5 days ago before the update what ever that means. Anyway, now I can't get into my Microsoft store, and video editor and my photos the apps are dark with a white line...
  4. J

    Trying to reset my Mac to factory settings

    Hi there, I’m trying to reset my 2010 Mac book back to factory settings however it is saying when I click copy OS X it is saying there is a missing download please someone help.
  5. B

    Fans run but no display

    So I bought This computer computer it turns on but nothing well show up but I see it working but know it doesn't please help if you know how to fix it
  6. N

    Solved Ethernet Cable Problems

    Hey, my name is Nate, I'm currently living in a dorm at a college campus. Right now I'm having trouble with my ethernet cord that is connected to my PC. I don't know if it is the ethernet cord or if its even a hardware question, however, I'm hoping that somebody can help. Right now it says I'm...
  7. J

    High End PC, Low FPS in Destiny 2

    So I am currently running dual AMD RADEON RX480 graphic cards with an intel core i7 6th gen. They run insanely well with any competitive shooter, CS:GO, Rainbow Six Siege, Overwatch, all over 140 + frames. But the problem is Destiny 2. It can't get past 60 frames in PvE and PvP and in social...
  8. A

    NO idea what I'm doing...

    I work for a non-profit and we just ordered a new computer (Dell Desktop). It has no operating system installed. I purchased Microsoft office through a non-profit help group that we always use (TechSoup). We typically receive an email link allowing us to download whatever it is we purchased. The...
  9. suttontaylor

    Solved Don't know what this is?

    I don't know what this is, my laptop saves my files here and I can't even find it anywhere when I look in my files explorer it says, <<Local State > Files > SO >599 > Attachments I don't know what it is and it's driving me crazy help me
  10. D

    Bios problem

    So, i got a problem, when i start PC is apear a launch startup repair(recommanded) and start Windows normally When i hit Windows normally is restarting When i hit launch startup repair apear a Windows loading files... And like that I stay 15 minutes and nothing.
  11. Crazysexybear

    Screen resolution changing when in full screen

    Hey So I've have my desktop pc for about a month now and this probleme keeps happening. When I go into fullscreen on a game or a Yputube video, the resolution changes. I have to change it back manually into the nvidia control panel and this is really annoying. For games, I have to play in...
  12. C

    Office Runs On Remote Access

  13. KittyScientist

    My Computer Turns on But Doesn’t Display

    Hello! I’m going to keep this thread pretty quick, my computer started acting very strangely, turning on/off rapidly, and through a little internet searching, found that the quick fix was to reset the CMOS on my PC. After doing so, my computer finally turned on, but now doesn’t display, or give...
  14. C

    Games all if a sudden slow

    Hi there. So my laptop I bought last year has become extremely slow when I play games. It started happening on Sunday night. The games I play are all on low and it never use to be this slow, my gaming experience was fast. Please help! I'll give specs if needed, also I have not gotten a virus...
  15. E

    Zeus Mini Projector connecting to wifi

    Hello! I was wondering if any one could help me! I recently purchased a 2nd hand "Zeus mini projector" (It's a Zeus A100P). It is white with a gold trim. I was told it is a few years old. I can get to a screen that has Mirror cast or DLNA but I can't figure out how to get the wifi connected...
  16. djentGOD

    Asus router doesnot get internet access

    HELLO. tThanks for entering my thread. i need help!!! I have a asus RTN12 router with the latest firmware. when i bought, i tested it in my aunts house , and it worked perfectly(i resetted it afterwards). then after 1 month i came home and called the ISP to send people to configure my router...
  17. S

    Problem with ethernet.

    Let me get straight in. I restarted router for my own reasons blah blah blah. Then when i try to connect to internet. It doesn't work. Then i tried to connect to it via ethernet. It doesn't work again. Few days ago i tried ethernet it worked fine now it doesn't. I tried executing few cmd...
  18. S

    Screen(mouse) moving

    Helloo..Im new here and sorry for bad english.. I have this problem on some games idk can I say its name but.. (like RoS) and when I slide my mouse and then I stop moving it the screen still moving.. ( )..This is the problem.. I try those - new mouse,update windows,update video drivers...
  19. N

    Limited acces to wifi on laptop (windows 7)

    It happend out of nowhere. Right now i don't have wifi I tried many things It says Limited acces What do i do Note: -if solution is rebooting my PC then find a solution to disc check repeats after finishing it, without an end
  20. J

    Simple Copy and Paste photo in new layer? (photoshop)

    I want to copy and paste an image to another on adobe photoshop. I dropped the original photo, then tried to paste another on top of it but it doesn't allow me to. I know I'm missing something simple so I would really appreciate some help! Thanks...