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  1. LucasJonsson

    PC Bluescreening, now bricked - could XMP cause this?

    Hello, first of all i’m sorry if i’ve posted this in the wrong place. A few days ago my pc had a bluescreen out of nowhere. (win 11). I didn’t think much of it and got back to gaming, and it crashed again, and again, and again. It made me think if having XMP enabled was the issue, so i disabled...
  2. D

    Decision making

    Ok so I'm in process of building a gaming setup I'm currently working with a: Case: ND600 cooler master mid tower Cpu: i3 10100 GPU: GTX 960 4gb Power supply: EVGA br 500w Ram: corsair vengeance 16gb ddr4 2666mhz c16 Storage: 1 terabyte hard drive & 500gb ssd CPU cooler: DEEP COOL get v2 cpu...
  3. Magnesiumshaw

    Pc not displaying and not booting

    Yesterday i took apart my pc very delicately as i resprayed my pc case. I cleaned all the wires and fans and such. Put everything back together but now it's not working any ideas ?mobo is 100 and so are ram sticks and slots ? computer switches on and the switches off and on again. Does not...
  4. Zygis

    Hard drive d gone while tryng to transfer windows

    Soo i was tryng to put my windows to my d drive because it had more space.When i was tryng to make a copy it made the d drive disapear and it became the copy of windows.Now i dont know how to get my d drive with 1tb back.I found with some programs that 600gb from the 1tb were in hybernation else...
  5. youngoldman

    My driver won't update

    I got a intel hd 2500 driver on a windows 10 and it refuses to update and i need it to update to at least 10.0 for valerant pls help
  6. J

    Physically moved my PC & now it says HDMI no signal

    I moved my pc which was working completely fine just before I moved it to a new desk. I unplugged everything, moved it across carefullly and then replugged it all back up. Now however, the monitor keeps saying HDMI no signal. I think the pc is working fine since before I moved everything I was...
  7. yooseojoon1130

    Help with my mouse and my keyboard

    My mouse is Logitech g102 lightsync and Logitech g hub cannot detect the mouse My keyboard is razer huntsman mini and razer synapse cannot detect my keyboard after a driver update
  8. LaurenRice

    Solved Hard Drive Not Found

    So this is on a Dell Optiplex 3020. I did a factory reset, everything was good and windows started to reinstall, then it ran into an error and rebooted, now when it tries to boot it gives me a Hard Drive Not Found error. I ran the diagnostic built in and everything was fine, no problems...
  9. M

    Laptop: screen black, power indicator on, not charging

    My ASUS laptop which model I am unsure about but looks like this, however this one has a DVD player, but mine doesn't. Model: X540UADS51 Was working perfectly fine 2 days ago. Yesterday morning, I turned it on with the charger in but plugged the charger out since I though some hair tagged...
  10. Domskyy

    How can I set up my ssd as boot device?

    Hello everyone I got my ssd lately and it's all set in my computer, I heard that you can clone all your files from hdd to ssd. I cloned everything what was on C: and now I have the same files on my hdd and ssd. My question is: What am I supposed to do to make my ssd into a boot device. Should I...
  11. Lleettss123

    Solved Old man's PC!

    I recieved an old mans pc fix. He has a hdd and an external. The windows is loaded on the external. The pc is loading bios but not starting windows when booting from the external. It boots from the hdd inside the pc but only to the lets get started screen and the mouse/keyboard stop working...
  12. G

    HP Spectre Laptop Screen Frozen

    I bought a laptop from a friend of mine a couple of weeks ago and initially it was working just fine. However, I tried to turn it on (from it being shutdown) and the loading circles stopped moving, which I assume meant that it was frozen. So I tried to power it off by holding down the power...
  13. Neznaju

    Solved My mousepad stopped working

    my touchpad stopped working,and half of tutorials say that I need to go touchpad setting but they are not there
  14. M

    Pc not booting up (No Display)

    Hello i need some help my pc has suddendly started boot looping and i immediately thought maybe it was the power supply. So i bought a new one and it still doesn’t boot (there’s also no display) so then i went and bought a new motherboard maybe something was wrong with that still nope, but there...
  15. Fuyu

    Weird grind noise and pitchy noise

    Help me! Are these sounds coming from my computer bad? Especially the grinding noise? This is all new build and I'm not too familiar with desktops to know whats normal sounds vs not normal. This is a link to the video I took of the noise that my computer makes. Please! Help me! Also the...
  16. T

    Turn off S mode please help now

    When I try to turn off a mode the button is grayed out and it says contact IT support. What do I do? I need to download an app for school and it won’t let me until I turn off a mode
  17. W

    Need help finding a good monitor

    Has anyone got any recommendations for a 4K monitor which has 120+ refresh rate and good response time in need of one for the ps5
  18. V

    Had a Bsod

    Hello so as you can see I had a BSOD. This happened probably 3 weeks ago but I was playing a game on my pc and it occured. I shut it down not knowing what to do and when I tried to restart it would turn on then off a few minutes later and not connect to any keyboards, mice, or my monitor. Can...
  19. B

    Can't factory reset

    Please help me.. I've tried resetting from control panel and settings, doesn't work... I've tried the Shift+Restart way, that doesn't work either... It also doesn't want to restore to previous version... I literally don't know what to do anymore... It's a Mecer Z140C and Windows 10.
  20. L

    Windows 10 has reset itself and I've lost everything

    Please please help! I turned my laptop on to get on with some work. To find it running very slow and everything had changed. Background icons everything. The more I looked the more was missing - my documents is now empty! There are some apps which I use which are still on there but don't...