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  1. GrantV

    B550M DS3H compatible with ryzen 7 2700x?

    I recently bought a ryzen 2700x, as well as a B550M DS3H motherboard. I was wondering if they are compatible together or if I need to update the bios, because there isn't any video displayed. Should I return and get a different one or can I update bios and be fine?
  2. V

    Solved WiFi Icon disappeared (no usual fix working)

    Hi i seem to have a strange issue. my wifi/network icon has disappeared and after looking around i can't seem to find a fix. this is what my icon tray and subsequent notification menu look like at the network notification option. Please...
  3. S

    Vista PC unused a while powers up but no visuals on screen

    I’ve had a pc in storage for a while, just hooked it up, sounds like everything kicked in, but no lights on keyboard or anything coming through on screen Any advice? Thanks I’m advance
  4. Asgna

    PC Starts, But No Display...

    Hello all! I've recently encountered an error with my computer. When I turn it on, I get no display. No beep when I remove all ram. The fans spin, also. I've resseted the CMoS, used 1 stick of ram, and to no avail. The computer worked perfectly before this happened. PC Specs:: Motherboard...
  5. T

    My pc restarts when playing games

    My pc is on windows 10 and my pc restarts every time I try and play a game. I have check cpu temps and there at about 35*C. I have no updates needed for windows or any driver updates for the GPU. Any help would be great. Specs- Windows 10 I7 8700k Corsair vengeance rgb pro 16GB 2666MHz Nvidia...
  6. F

    Need help diagnosing issue in pc!

    Hey everybody, Just 2 days ago my PC turned off randomly and wouldn’t turn back on. I checked the back of the psu and the green light was blinking. I purchased a new psu assuming the psu died, but after installing the psu, the pc still wouldn’t turn on. I tried the following methods already to...
  7. L

    Solved No BIOS or OS

    Hello, I had a working PC for about a year. Last night I had an issue where it would not go to sleep and eventually locked up so I forced it off by holding the power button. This morning, when I started up I got a single short beep on my motherboard which is normal and then nothing else...
  8. K

    Connection problems

    I have my Ethernet cable plugged into my computer(Alienware desktop with Windows 10), but it says it has no connection. My computer says it's connected to WiFi, but stuff. Like steam and Google chrome says it's not connected. How do I fix this problem?
  9. N

    Solved How to get a x64 based PC

    I recently got a computer from a friend of mine and it is a X86 based pc. And I need it to be a X64 based pc in order to be able to work windows 64 bit. How do I change that? What do I need to get/install? Help? EDIT: Summary Operating System Windows 10 Home 32-bit...
  10. A

    Ahci Mode...

    I have windows 7 installed on my desktop, and I recently bought a firecuda 1 terabyte ssdhdd. I connected everything like it was suppose to, but then I tried to put my ssd into ahci mode, and it did a restart then a flash of a blue screen and now nothing loads, it jus loops back to the computer...
  11. A

    Please Help Me with my PC

    This has been a problem for a whillee now. So basically it started with my gtx 750ti which used to work fine but outa nowhere my pc became unstable and i got a lot of lag and out of nowhere i encountered en issue where i couldnt boot with that specific gpu. however that gpu worked on my friends...
  12. M

    Monitor dies, then audio's out, tower has died afterward

    Title, but this is a newly refurbished computer. Monitors (plural) brand new. Got the new everything. Set it up. Randomly the monitors would go black. Within 5 seconds the audio would turn off (sometimes it would cut back in for a second at random intervals). There were at least 2 occasions the...
  13. D

    Need help. Monitor not being recognized.

    I have a HP pavilion a400n. When I turn the tower on it works.. but the monitor goes to sleep "power button turns orange." When I unplug the monitor from the tower it has a self test screen pop up but I can't do anything.
  14. G

    Solved help getting back in local c win win 10-

    cant get back c drive
  15. Lexar

    Precautions relating to installing new graphics card

    Hello, I recently bought a new graphics card (Gigabyte nVidia Geforce GTX 960 2GB PCI-E PC) and i have a few questions about its requirements when installing. I have looked at several websites and have got a general idea of the process but I would really appreciate some feedback since this would...
  16. O

    Computer keyboard and mouse randomly stops working

    Hiya I am having some problems with my pc... if i don't use the keyboard and mouse for a while they randomly stop working, in order for them to work again I have to restart my pc. Does anybody know what could be wrong with my pc? Or how I could fix it? It is a new refurbished pc, the model...
  17. C

    How to install XP on a computer with no operating system ins

    I just built my computer and I haventered installed any operating system. I have a windows XP disk and I can't seem to get it to work.
  18. N

    Windows installation issues

    So i took the dive and decided i'm going to build my own pc im a smart guy i can handle it right? Well apparently not. that is my build now for some reason my bios is not picking up my ssd at all for me to install windows (i'm installing from a flash drive not...
  19. M

    Help!! my acer laptop is not working!!

    okay so my acer laptop is not working. it has had Windows 10 for about a year now and just recently it started going out of whack. it will load to the desktop screen but after that nothing loads!! I will click on the desktop icons and it does nothing. the start button does not work. task manager...
  20. E

    Solved My computer is making me mad!

    Hi, I bought a custom built desktop for just normal computing off of Craigslist. For 140$ I couldn't go wrong and he showed me everything worked. It worked for a month when I took it home but when I turned it on today it says "Reboot and select proper boot device." I checked online and it said...