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  1. Codekid

    My brace key ( { ) doesn't work when I press shift+[.

    I try to use shift+[ and it never works. But when I'm typing in the Cortana bar or a windows textbox that key works fine. Are there any fixes.
  2. Z


    Please help me! I dont know the exact reason but my pc is messed up please help. I download some file that had a virus of dome sort of virus and i scanned my pc and needed to restart to remove it. It said update and shutdown so i clicked that insteas of restart by accident and then when while it...
  3. T

    windows 8.1 magically reset itself while all files are intact

    right so long story short, 2 nights ago I was playing csgo when me mum got a bit mad and pulled the plug out. I didn't turn on my pc yesterday but when i did today i was in for a surprise right off the bat. My computer's username used to be zzz, now it's just "s" (without the quotes). The system...
  4. N

    I need help with finding a compatible gaming graphics card

    Computer Model: HP Pavilion Elite e9290f Desktop PC I bought this computer recently second hand and I want to upgrade the graphics card from the current GTX 260 to something newer to play games. Unfortunately, I don't know which gaming graphics card to buy that is compatible and usable for...
  5. V

    Unvalid Ip configuration

    Hi first of all correct me if i say something thats not correct cause my pc is set in dutch so i dont know what a pc says if its set in english. Any ways, since about half an hour ago my internet just stopped working (on my main pc) on my laptop the wifi is working perfectly fine but my pc...
  6. M

    Uprading my pc

    Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit Processor: AMD FX(tm)-6350 Six-Core Processor, AMD64 Family 21 Model 2 Stepping 0 Processor Count: 6 RAM: 8189 Mb Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050, -2048 Mb Hard Drives: C: 931 GB (273 GB...
  7. P

    My computer doesent start

    Hello ive recently been on a vacation for 2 months and before i went i switched off my computer and just went. when i came back home i wanted to play and chill on it so i sit down i click the start button and nothing happened, it just stood there so i checked all the cables and everything and it...
  8. J


    Hi my name is jered and i dont know a lot about pc and how to fix them but im am in need of some dire help see i was olaying csgo a couple days ago and then it just froze randomly it would continue to do this for 4 days strait eventully adding up to day were my computer was so slow that i...
  9. S

    From Desktop to Projector...old and new system compatablity

    I have an HP Compaq 6000 Pro All in one desktop computer. I have an older InFocus projector. Now because of the difference in age I had to get a few adaptors in order to try and resolve using the projector for presentations. However two adapters later, I cant seem to make the connection...
  10. D

    New Computer slow after scanning hard drive d

    about a week ago i got a message that there was something wrong with my hard disk d and got asked if i wanted to scan it. I clicked yes by accident and afterwords my computer became rlly slow in starting some applications. Like internet, my computer files and the things that launch when i start...
  11. H

    RemixOS PC virtual keyboard issues

    i want to use gboard/swype/whatever virtual keyboard on my remix os
  12. S

    Mixed Problems, from blue screen error to over running fan

    Hi, I bought this laptop last year from It was working fine at first but after almost a year, I started having blue screen error, video_dxgkrnl_fatal_error. This thing kept happening over and over. After non stop restarts due to it, tried to repair, restore and do everything...
  13. D

    Radeon rx480 not showing display on monitor.

    Hi. I recently bought the Radeon rx 480 video card for my computer but when I plugged everything in, it refused to show a display on the monitor when everything was plugged in accordingly. Strange thing is, my buddy and I swapped our 480 and 1080 and the 1080 worked just fine in my computer. It...
  14. K

    Windows 8.1 Unbootable device please restart system

    I know that there are a lot of threads around the internet about this. But in their case, it randomly happened. I accidentally created this issue on my computer. I went to do a factory reset on my Toshiba Satellite C55 computer and i accidentally clicked reset hard drive and I cancelled at 1%. I...
  15. M

    HP fails to open after 35% in configuration

    Hello, I have my hp here, that won't go further than 35% in a configuration after an update. Before it gets to the configuration a little message appears on the screen that a critical major have accured This has been going on since may last year Then my pc restarts after it says an error has...
  16. Antwish

    What is the best software for graphic and website design?

    I need to know what the best software is for graphic design and website design? What software is best for which different type of computer? So what is the best software for Apple or best software for Dell for example. How much does the software you recommend cost? Thanks for your time!!
  17. Z

    pc doesnt show password prompt

    My pc recently just stopped asking a password , there is just no password prompt , meaning i cant log in anymore. Now i just got into safe mode but i dont really know what to do from here on out. Can anyone help me? Thanks very much
  18. M

    keyboard shuts down computer after pressing "Caps Lock"

    Hello. Recently, specifically 11/23/2016, my computer started shutting off by itself. At first, I thought it was a problem with the internal fan. So, I bought some compressed air and used that to remove the dust from my fan. When that didn't work, I thought it was a virus. So, I ran tons of...
  19. D

    I need help please!!!!!!!!!!

    Ok. around 3 days ago I did the new windows download. after that my external hardrive wouldn't work. I went to disk management and changed some "unallocated space" and changed it to the stuff circled in red on the picture. now I wanna change it back... I know I mucked up Edited by Moderator...
  20. 1nspire

    Solved Inspiron laptop wont turn on (I really need this laptop)

    My dell laptop will not turn on I put it to sleep last night and this evening I went to go turn it on and there are no signs of life. I have removed the battery to discharge static and also plugged it in with out the battery. I don't know what to do I need this laptop to help my family. Is...