#help needed

  1. suttontaylor

    Update mussed up my laptop

    I need help, a day ago my laptop updated itself and it really mussed up my laptop. I believe it's fixed my husband took it back 5 days ago before the update what ever that means. Anyway, now I can't get into my Microsoft store, and video editor and my photos the apps are dark with a white line...
  2. X

    FPS Issues

    So I recently been trying to play games on my laptop (through Steam). Every single game I play has terrible FPS, running at an average of 10 FPS. I always try to lower the settings the best I can but its so unbearable to play still due to the FPS. My system is an Intel Core i5-4310U @ 2.oo GHz...
  3. suttontaylor

    Solved Don't know what this is?

    I don't know what this is, my laptop saves my files here and I can't even find it anywhere when I look in my files explorer it says, <<Local State > Files > SO >599 > Attachments I don't know what it is and it's driving me crazy help me
  4. L

    Changing domains locked me out of computer

    Hi there I recently changed domains because the computer used to be a work one and would not allow us to make new accounts/change the password. I followed the directions on how to do so on Microsoft's website and when I restarted the computer the account would no longer accept the password. I...
  5. xcs70

    Download speed is not working on laptop.

    So earlier I was trying to download this new game update but when I opened up the stats window to see how fast it would download, I was getting a download speed of 00.0B/s. At first I thought this was just a bad wifi connection or just my internet in general but after, I had a friend downloading...
  6. H

    Laptop lags, slow and choppy

    My laptop lags alot and is really choppy when i try to play games ive tried updating my drivers and everything cleaning up my laptop a lil bit and it remains the same if you know how to change my laptop into a game beast please email me asap so i can give u access to my laptop ~!!!! i would much...
  7. MasterNeloth

    Bizarre Screen Freezing/Twitching When Playing Games (Please Help)

    I've recently been running into random screen freezing and frame rate loss issues when playing games that I can normally, run perfectly well. I'll be playing, say, Skyrim for example, and I'm getting silky smooth 60fps with the occasional stutter here and there, and then suddenly, out of...
  8. U

    Solved accidently shut down pc while on sleep now win7 not loading.

    Plz help..!my pc was on sleep mode and i accidently unplugged it.When i started again ,after showing usual boot screen it shows a black screen ..no sign of windows7.I know i just need to reinstall windows but i dont have enough drive space ..so i have to completly format a drive but i dont want...