1. K

    Problem switching my MB to a new case

    I'm trying to switch my MB to a new case and I bent a pin on somthing I don't either its this thing.
  2. S

    Dual monitors multiple display

    Hi, I recently bought two brand new llyma monitors (llyma black hawk and red eagle models) to connect to my new gaming PC. But I’m having troubles in connecting both the monitors to work. Both monitors do not have a vga connection. They both have one HDMI each and a one DP each. I’m stuck as I...
  3. P

    Need help about PC specs for COD Warzone

    Hello so as mentioned i have recently bought a pc its a prebuild computer bought in a store an HP Pavillion Gaming Desktop with Processor Amd Ryzen 7 4700G 3.6ghz base and 4.4ghz turbo with Radeon graphics 8 cores 16 logical processors Ram 16gb 3200mhz Power 500w Ssd 500gb and i have a graphic...
  4. Dharshni

    Websites won’t open

    When I try to open my websites it always says the site can’t be reached. Google works fine and if I search it works but when it click on a website it doesn’t work. App Store wouldn’t open no matter what network I change to it is the same problem. I get it when I am at home with home wifi and...
  5. Chasawpro

    Help with my f key

    Hello, so I cleaned my keyboard about a hour ago and now when im using it again my f key is sticking, so whenever i press it this happens: fffffffffffffffffffffffff It just spams the key, Please help!!!
  6. zephyr1

    All games limited to 165 fps

    All my games are limited to 165fps, my monitor is set to 240hz and all in game settings are limited to 240 fps. Also whenever the frame changes/ I move or look around in a game I get a set of weird black outline sharpening effect on details, which leads me to believe a program (probably a...
  7. Aral0203

    Inactive Com Surrogate is running over 90% Task manager on W10

    Hello, I think my laptop has a virus because in the task manager com surrogate is running in 90% which is not normal at all and I can’t find msconfig.exe. My memory is also running at 90% . Please someone help me I’m almost hopeless.
  8. L

    USB to HDMI not working

    Hi! I don't understand why, but my USB to HDMI cable isn't working. I bought it from Amazon and in the description it said that it didn't need a drivers being installed. Also, I think this is the problem but I'm unsure, it's classed in my device manager in "audio inputs and outputs" as Digital...
  9. yooseojoon1130

    Help with my mouse and my keyboard

    My mouse is Logitech g102 lightsync and Logitech g hub cannot detect the mouse My keyboard is razer huntsman mini and razer synapse cannot detect my keyboard after a driver update
  10. Mandates

    How to Get Rid of Email on Phone

    Recently My current phone has been destroyed so I switched to my backup phone (ZTE Android). But the thing with my backup phone is that I forgot everything because it has been 5+ years since I've even looked at it. So I factory reset my phone and all seemed to be going great until I had to sign...
  11. L

    Can’t get into bios!

    Please help!! Can’t get into bios setup (wanting to do a clean install of windows 10) I have a asus p6t motherboard and I’ve tried doing what it says to press del (even holding, rapid pressing, even other keys like f12, tab, etc) to no avail. Is my keyboard not registering before it starts...
  12. Jon52bb

    Need Help, Netgear orbi

    I recently purchased two netgear orbi’s one satellite one router. I have 1gb internet upload/download through centurylink. When I test connection on my WiFi I can only max out around 330-340mbs but on wired I get closer to 1gb. I know there is supposed to be a drop off but I can be within 10 ft...
  13. ketko1505

    My pc is slow

    I have dell inspiron 3582 celeron n4000 1.1ghz 4gb ram 500gb hdd. i bought it in october. its getting really slow. is there any way to upgrade it and make it fast or should i go and try to replace it for a better one. thank you in advance!
  14. A

    Microsoft store not launching and more

    Hi so i've been having the issue where my microsoft store does not launch. a pop-up just briefly appears and disappears when i try to launch the app but that's it. and a few other applications are also acting up this way. that's how i found out that the microsoft store isnt working; when i...
  15. mre22313

    Solved Kuus Ransomware - Help with Recovery

    Hello everyone , i got infected a while back with .kuus ransomware , and i managed to clean my pc from it , but i never got to recover my files... And I've moved on , but i still do have 1 folder , ~ 300mbs in size , which has some written songs and still has some meaning to me. All the files...
  16. T

    Help finding the right Laptop to purchase

    I need help!! I have specs I want to have in a laptop, but Amazon, HP, Lenova, etc, are not helpful at all. Can ANYONE help me find a laptop I need. I need it ASAP? Operating System Windows Display Size 15 to 15.9 Inches or above Display Type Touchscreen Enabled Multi-Touch Features Backlit...
  17. N

    Who use proxy

    Hi! I'm new in it and I have a lot of questions. But at first I want to know WHO use proxy? Not why how and etc. I read many articles about proxy but there is no information about users. I found only sneakerheads(who use bots) and companies(which use proxy to protect). Who else? Maybe someone...
  18. Fingerprint

    Solved Windows 10 Is Crashing Upon Setup

    My Brand New PC I just Built is crashing upon Setup. Usually At The Part Where it gets to the Network Tab. Its not my power supply, I've Replaced my SSD once and its still doing it. I've Tried to install the os onto my hard drive but it wont let me. I was trying to see if it was stable or not...
  19. B

    My PC got a BSoD Windows 10 Error code 0xc0000034

    Hey there, I have been searching for 3 days on how to fix my issue using articles and youtube videos, but none of them work and their error codes were different from mine. Basically my pc got a BSoD (Blue Screen of Death) and the error I got was 0xc0000034, my only 2 options were "Go to Recovery...
  20. Jameskelly2021

    I've been hacked

    They are in every device on my network. Hey crashed 2 laptops and wiped 3 or 4 hard drives. I've Changed ip. Reset router. Isp closed the ports. Changed passwords and network name. Tried Norton 360. They told me I wasn't hacked!!!! I am hacked!!!! Help please!!???? I found a bunch of their files...