1. M

    Geforce gtx 650

    I have an I5-3470 pc with 8gb of ram and a nvidia geforce gtx 650 graphics card.. I recently installed paladins becuase it is one of the few games I enjoy upon opening it my game will crash and it will say something about "display driver nvidia windows kernel stopped responding and has...
  2. Treul

    New to the site, need help with computor

    Hey, I've been running off a PC i built a couple years ago and now i've had the hankering to upgrade it by putting in some new videocards. They worked fine for a while, but were getting a bit hot - so i reseated them and *may* have knocked the motherboard around while shuffling them about, and...
  3. J

    Can anyone send me their .speccy file from a good windows cp

    just had a interview For a job and they like me a lot it’s a work from home job the only thing holding me back is the clock speed of my computer was one point off, I was told to upgrade my computer or get a new computer but I ran software they use and it works perfectly on my cpu can anyone send...
  4. M

    Need am3+ motherboard recommendations under $90

    keep in mind i am not experienced when it comes to computers. i need a motherboard that has an am3+ socket with 4 slots of ddr3 1600 240 pin ram, can handle up to 24gb minimum, and is preferably under $90 and isn’t bad, isn’t to difficult to set up, is compatible with these parts...
  5. J

    New Hacked - computer, phone. please advise on protection.

    Hello, So I am being personally attacked by hackers. So I went through a bad breakup and first my phone was hacked android note5, was sent 2 viruses one was a keylogger, and then 2nd was for remote access. Now I tried to plug my phone into my computer and my computer became compromised. None of...
  6. L

    Solved SUMIFS help

    I need help coming up with an excel formula I'm not sure if I need a SUMIF, SUMIFS or some other formula. Each patient is assigned codes (B2:E2) and each code has a value (A5:B11). I need to add up the total value for each patient. The example below only gives a total of one code (in C2)...
  7. G

    Automatic Repair

    When I tried to turn my Acer laptop on, a message pops up saying "Automatic Repair couldn't repair your PC Press 'Advanced Options' to try other options to repair your PC or 'shut down' to turn off your PC. Log file: C:WINDOWS\System32\Logfiles\Srt\SrtTrail.txt" and I am using Windows 10. I have...
  8. A

    Display bug on Redmi Note 5

    Hi, When I restart my Redmi Note 5, there are black pixelated rounded borders on the four corners of the screen, and also two small thin lines on the top and bottom of the screen. I faced this issue first a day back, when I rebooted my phone. Then I did a factory reset and after that...
  9. L

    Nvidia screen resolution probleme

    Hello there So I've had my pc for about a month now and since the beggining if I go full screen on a video (on YT or other sites; on google, edge ect...) or play a game in full screen (all the game that I have all have the same issue) the screen resolution will change. If I uninstall the Nvdia...
  10. K

    Broken PC

    Full specs : Amd Ryzen 3 1200 Gigabyte Gtx1060 6gb 8gb Hyper x fury 2666mhz ddr4 X370m Pro4 M-atx case 3 12cm fans 450watt gameamax I dont know what had happened what i do know is that i know i had 8gb of ram but yesterday it said that i had just 4! So i opened up my pc to see the problem i...
  11. T

    Solved Program UI's suddently stops working

    Hallo Tech Support Guy Members After i build my new PC, i have experienced some wierd errors, and it sucks since it is the most expensive PC i've ever built. I have experienced the UI to stop work shortly after i've started the program. The programs i've experienced the issue with is...
  12. N

    Help me understand stretched resolution for gaming

    Brand new to pc gaming so I'm having trouble figuring out a good stretched res for me (specifically for playing fortnite) being that nowhere online have I found anyone else with the same as my screen. It's 2880 x 1800 native MacBook Pro 2017 15in. that I use, running the game in Windows 10...
  13. J

    Why is the download speed on my computer so slow?

    Hi guys, I'm not as tech savvy as I could be, and I've been all over the internet looking for answers. Here's the situation-- I'm paying for 250 MB/s internet speeds. My phone gets these speeds, my laptop gets these speeds, everything gets 250 except for my desktop computer which is...
  14. A

    Dell Inspiron 15R 5520 RAM Upgrade Issue

    I'm currently using a Dell Inspiron 15R 5520, which, by default, has one 4GB DDR3 1600MHz RAM stick pre-installed. I wanted to upgrade the RAM to 8GB so that I could run games better. I purchased another 4GB DDR3 1600MHz off of Amazon and inserted it into the second slot which hasn't been used...
  15. M

    Iphone 6 BRICKED

    OK so recently I took it upon myself to replace the screen on the I-phone 6 due to the fact I cracked. When I was watching the video on how to replace. I did everything correct, When connecting the new screen it showed and all of it was working but the video said to turn it off after it showed...
  16. D

    Computer Crashed - status: 0xc000000f

    Computer crashed. HP Elitebook 8570p Windows 7. I powered it up to see status: 0xc000000f I have a copy of Windows 10 I just bought from online and loaded onto a thumb drive. My problem is how do I use this drive to put windows back on my computer. Do I lose all my harddrive data when I do...
  17. AmateurJohn

    Please Permanently Delete My Account and All Posts

    Can someone please permanently delete my account and all posts associated with it, thank you!
  18. I

    Can it be fixed

    my rabbits chewed through my razer keyboards cord can it be fixed ?
  19. J

    Missing graphics PLEASE HELP ASAP

    Can somebody help me solving this.This happens on every single one of my games it has this things like missing graphics on somethingCan someone please help me? Im running on windows 8 and this happend when i reformat my pc..(sorry for my english)
  20. O

    Help setting up my Linsys router WAP300N

    hello friends, I have moved to a new apartment a couple of weeks ago and I've been using a Linksys WAP300N router that is connected to the main modem, and I'm not sure which one it is since the hose owners have it in their home. I can't access to the Linksys router directly and I've been getting...