1. O

    Rainbow 6 lagging for seemingly no reason

    So my brother got a new gaming pc recently and the first game he downloaded was rainbow 6. When we try to play it runs fine for a round or two but then the ping jumps to 200 and it becomes basically unplayable. The build is an HP prebuilt (we know it’s not great) HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop...
  2. P

    Old computer showing no signal when I try to plug in

    I decided to check out our old family computer, an emachine ET1331G-03w and when i went to plug it in to my monitor, it showed no signal. I changed the cord multiple times, changed from my monitor to my TV and still no signal. I've used this cord before so I know it works. Not sure what to do...
  3. D

    Broken laptop screen help

    I broke my laptop screen by dropping some heavy headphones one it. It's an MSI gaming laptop. The repair company (Domestic and General who are linked with Ologic LTD) that insured laptop say it is beyond repair and I must get a replacement laptop. Is it not possible to replace the bezel and...
  4. K

    Computer fan running loud won’t power monitor

    HP Elite computer turns on and fan blows really loud when the monitor turns on it gives a “Entering power save mode” message and then goes off. Please help
  5. MusicManiac

    Help me understand this CHKDSK results?

    Read the post below. Thank you.
  6. M

    My pc wont load windows once moved from hdd to new ssd

    I recently moved my hdd files to my ssd to load windows from the nvme ssd but it doesnt let me run windows and is stuck in recovery mode
  7. cw2456

    Lenovo OS Crashed After the 10/2018 Windows 10 Update

    Hi! This is going to be really long, but it’s urgent and I could really use some help. So I own a Lenovo C40/C50 Series All-in-one desktop, and I’ve had it since 2015-2016 (I can’t remember the exact year). The computer was mostly fine and I didn’t many issues until around October 2018. At this...
  8. M

    Windows won't start after driver update (Windows 10)

    Ok so I installed a programme on my pc called ITL driver updater which automatically detects and updated drivers. Once the first driver had finished updating, it told me to restart my pc so I did. Upon startup I was shown the Gigabyte start up screen and it said 'installing an update'. After...
  9. B

    Sharp Aquos TV not connecting to WiFi

    Hello there, firstly, my apologies if this is in the incorrect place. I've looked through the user manuals and cannot find the help that I need! I unplugged my TV last night, and from this morning I cannot connect to the WiFi. I've connected with the standard way of doing it - inputting the...
  10. MiningYeti

    Performance on almost every game is horrible

    For example I'll play Minecraft and it only uses 8% of my cpu and 20% of my gpu while only about 60% of my ram is being used up. I am them left with around 30 or 60 fps at times when I know that my computer should be able to do way better. This happens with gta, no mans sky, and pretty much...
  11. M

    Looking to hire IT help...

    I'm really bad with and frankly, uninterested in IT related things. Installing software updates when there is even the slightest error (currently happening now), learning about different backup options... I'd rather go to the dentist and get a root canal. This is why I want to hire someone to...
  12. F

    Kali Linux iso not properly flashing to Pen Drive

    Hi, I have downloaded Kali Linux Installer 64bit iso (amd64) from official website yesterday. I have Windows 8.1 Pro 64 bit OS. Today I tried to burn iso to flash drive several times but after burning completes, My flash drive shows red capacity line (means nearly full) and "10 kbytes out of...
  13. JWatson222

    PC constantly crashes

    Hi i have a lenovo ideacentre AIO 310-23ISU, system information linked bellow. I have had to factory reset the computer twice in the past 3 months as the computer continuously crashed. The integrated GPU is not functioning properly as its only using 0.2 GB out of the 4GB that it has. When...
  14. Dizzyy

    Internet speeds not what they should be.

    ok so i have been banging my head into walls and drilling holes into my floor trying to fix this so if someone can help that would be great. so i am paying for 600mbps internet speeds. i don't expect to hit that mark be close would be nice. i was using a tp-link N900 dual-band PCI Express...
  15. T

    Fido Internet Disconnecting/Packet Loss

    For about a month or 2 my Internet has been very annoying. The router will sometimes disconnect from the Internet and lose its connection. The wifi channels for the router will disappear and come back but show "Connected/No Internet". I pay good money for my service and receive up to 250-400mbps...
  16. S

    Help Troubleshooting A New PC

    I have recently took apart my old pc to complete an upgrade of the CPU, motherboard, GPU, RAM and SSD. However, upon completion everything in my pc powers on with LED indicators however there is no display on my monitor. I have 16GB of corsair vengeance RGB ram and the lights do not come on when...
  17. C

    Flickering Screen

    I just got my new pc today and as soon as I managed to get a connection from the hdmi the screen was flickering, I have tried resetting the pc, new monitor, different cable and even using a different source but anytime I try a different source it says no signal :( it is a MSI Infinite Intel...
  18. G

    MSVCp140.dll missing and I cannot fix it!

    Hi, I am not very good with computers so turning to anyone who can help!! I went to open my laptop that hadn’t been used for a few months due to travelling to play sims 4 (bored in this lockdown) and it was running very slow so I decided to delete some programs I no longer needed.. along the way...
  19. M

    My 10th gen intel laptop won’t boot!

    Hi, I have an hp pavilion 14 inch with i5 intel optane with 512 fab sdd. Hardly use it as I have work laptop. It only has basics internet and Spotify, nothing else downloaded. Used it two days ago, just browsing online and that was it. Turned it off. Turn it back on next day. I get this! Boot...
  20. G

    Laptop Automatically turn off in Random time

    My Laptop automatically shutdown when i am starting a day then computer on atleast 10 minutes but after when i plug usb cable and acess internet through via usb tethering then system 5 min on after it shutdown. after that i am again press power button and turn on it is start but at the boot...