1. G

    Laptop Automatically turn off in Random time

    My Laptop automatically shutdown when i am starting a day then computer on atleast 10 minutes but after when i plug usb cable and acess internet through via usb tethering then system 5 min on after it shutdown. after that i am again press power button and turn on it is start but at the boot...
  2. E

    videos in b/w

    My livestream and news videos are in a nearly black & white, I can barely see some yellow and blue. Occasionally, when I begin the video, it will be in full color, but cut out after a half second. Youtube videos are fine and always in full color. Is it the format of the video? Is it a software...
  3. B

    Help with overclocking laptop

    I want to overclock or increase my performance on my laptop it's a hp pavilion 15 gaming laptop With Intel i7 8th Gen processor and gtx 1050ti graphics card.. Plz help I'm running it at stock 2.21 ghz I need to increase that
  4. J

    Can't connect to website (

    Hello! More of an unusual issue. I tried to access on 3 devices on the same day, but the website didn't work. The issue is still occurring on the 3 devices, but not on any other device. On my PC, I flushed the DNS cache, changed my DNS to Google's ( and, and basically...
  5. N

    My Hard drive isn't working

    Hello I have a somewhat new HDD installed on my laptop it was running fine for a year , until for some reason It malfunctioned now whenever I boot my laptop a blackscreen shows with a blinking minus sign , when I enter the BIOS the HDD doesn't appear at all. I tired to use windows rescue center...
  6. S

    Pc turning off by itself

    Since today, for no reason at all and without making any changes to my pc, it suddently wont boot up. Whenevet i turn it on it turns off by itself after a few seconds, then turns of by itself and after a few seconds turns off again and so on until i turn off the power switch. I already tried...
  7. T

    Motherboard not reading CPU

    Hi, I had a rig that I decided to upgrade and when I did it, the motherboard did not read the new CPU. The old specs are: Ryzen 5 1500x GTX 1050ti B350m Gaming Pro 450v PSU 16GB 2400 ram Stock CPU Cooler And I bought a new: Ryzen 5 3600 RX 580 650v PSU When I built it and the CPU redlight...
  8. C

    What MacBook hard drive do I require?

    Hi My MacBook Pro (13-inch, mid 2012) model has recently stopped working. It was showing a folder with a question mark as it couldn’t locate the hard drive. I’ve tried everything and is hasn’t worked, so I took it the Apple store an they said the hard dive needs replacing but will cost £200. I’d...
  9. R

    Restarted to factory

    Hey I bought my friends pc and it had windows and I searched up how to reset it and I did the power the the shift restart and did clear all memory, but in all the vids I watched it popped up a windows load screen and my popped up a motherboard screen with a loading symbol. Could you please let...
  10. S

    Bluetooth record player won’t spin

    I have an ITUT 420 Bluetooth record player (photo below) that won’t spin no matter what I do. It’s driving me up the wall not knowing what’s wrong with it. I’ve tried unscrewing it and looking at the belt and everything seems fine. What am I doing wrong?
  11. V

    WiFi Icon disappeared (no usual fix working)

    Hi i seem to have a strange issue. my wifi/network icon has disappeared and after looking around i can't seem to find a fix. this is what my icon tray and subsequent notification menu look like at the network notification option. Please...
  12. M

    NAT VPN HW Question

    Hello, I have a hw due for my computer class and I'm supposed to make a diagram that shows a laptop sitting behind a nat with a vpn server connecting to a netflix server but I have no clue how to do this. Any suggestions?
  13. S

    My Hard drive (Passport) files are missing

    So it all started when i plug my Flashdrive in a Computer at my school after i Save the Files i needed from that computer i plugged it in my laptop (Windows 10) it alerted that there is a Threat and I saw my USB its folder icons turned to old folder icons and whenever i try and open one my...
  14. T

    Upgrading my AMD RX-6300 CPU

    Hello, thank you for taking time to look over my questions. I would like to upgrade my CPU. I don’t really know a lot about AMD’s CPUs, so I am not sure what is better or worse. The motherboard I have has an AM3+ socket. In the image is some base information on my processor. If you have any...
  15. Eaglestrike777

    Help with ASUS m5a78L-MUSB-3

    AMD 6300 ASUS m5a78L-MUSB-3 Its not showing up on bios or when I'm trying to install windows 10. My other pc does recognize the SSD. What do I need to do so my old mobo can recognize my new Kingston 240GB A400 SATA 3 SSD?
  16. TheRealTrejo

    Solved Acer Veriton N281G is almost useless. Can I upgrade to SSD?

    Hi, I'm new here I posted this same in a forum for software but my problem is more about hardware. I recently bought an Acer Veriton N281G, it has an Intel Atom D425 @ 1.8 GHz, 4 GB RAM and a mechanical 500 GB HDD, but it's almost useless, for some reason Windows 10 didn't install a video...
  17. V

    Help with surveys

    I want to do multiple surveys for a store but it only let you do two in a 14-day. Can you suggest a site I can go to to do multiple surveys
  18. N

    Laptop stops charging, restarts charging then stops again

    Hey. I want to ask a question. So i got a problem on charging. When i plug my charger, there's a beep sound and the charging indicator in my laptop is appearing. But after a few moment, the charging indicator is disappearing, means that my laptop is not charging. But when i unplug my charger...
  19. Y

    Computer Not Staying On

    I’ve had a gaming PC for about a year and I’ve had issues with it until about a month ago. It shuts off after staying on for about a minute and then won’t turn back on for several days. The longest it’s been on is about 30 minutes, which I used to try and fix the issue, but it shut off again...
  20. J

    My pc had a stroke

    Hello, im posting here because recently I woke up one day and my computer wouldn't turn on. So after looking up some videos of what could be wrong I took out the gpu and cmos battry for a coulple of minutes checked on the ram, but still it wouldn't turn on so I just went school for the day...