1. R

    Taken HDD out for SSD

    Is it smart to trade out a HD for a SSD in my laptop. I have a m.2 SSD at the moment and a basic HD but need more room.
  2. J

    My E Driving Went Missing After Updating

    hi guys, after i install a window update earlier today my e drive went missing. the update is : MediaTek Inc.- Other hardware - MediaTek PreLoader USB VCOM(Android) under my device manager i still able to find supposedly my e drive which is currently stated as unknown device and i head over...
  3. Youthanize

    HP s5213w Slimline; upgrade(s) compatibility!

    Good evening. As you can see above, I'm looking to upgrade this old creature. My hard drive has been failing, prompting my start-up to warn me of the impending doom. PROBLEM: I don't know how to tell what's compatible with my processor, motherboard, power supply, and the size of the machine...